Tell everyone how YOU got into the Harry Potter series of books and movies. What is YOUR unique story?

Waiting at the letterbox at the age of eleven. ϟ

by Mollie Myers
(Liverpool, England)

Funny. I remember, at the age of 11, sitting at my letterbox, waiting for an owl to whisk in my letter of acceptance of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. ~


My Dad took me to see the first ever Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone. I remember excitedly watching it, and being scared as hell at the scene where Harry met Voldemort for the first time. This was the day my life was changed. Forever!

I told all my school friends about this wonderful, magical movie I had just seen called Harry Potter, all my school friends were in awe and some went to see it that night, thanks to my telling! From them on, I played Harry Potter in the playground, I was always Hermione. Hermione is a character I can relate to, I have her personality in a sort of way, I still do.

The year after, Chamber Of Secrets finally came out, I begged and begged my Dad to take me, and finally, he gave in and said yes. I'd never been so excited in my entire life. At this age, I wore eye patches because of my poor site and made my Dad buy me a Harry Potter eye patch, so there I was watching Chamber Of Secrets in my Harry Potter eye patch. Thinking back, I'm actually pretty embarrassed. Ha ha.

Another year, Prisoner of Azkaban came out, and I became obsessed. Prisoner Of Azkaban is one the best movies out of the whole Harry Potter Saga (although, each movie is amazing), but this one really stuck to me. This movie was darker, scarier. Yet again, it was my Dad who took me to see it.

The year after that, Goblet Of Fire came out. I remember watching the Triwizard tournament. I was so scared for Harry, especially the Maze challenge, and the bit where the portkey transported to Voldemort...scary as hell! I was sobbing when Cedric died. At the end of the movie, Hermione says, "It's all going to change now...isn't it?" One of my favourite quotes from the movies.

I realized, as soon as Order Of The Phoenix came out, things were getting more serious and scarier. It was much more darker than I expected. Again, my Dad took me to see this one.

I went to see Half Blood Prince twice, as a matter of fact. My first time, was with my Dad. It was one of the best, and Dumbledore's death was so sad! The second time, I went with my Dad, Mum and sister. My Mum and Sister did not enjoy it though. (Don't ask me...they must be crazy!)

This was the year I was dreading. The last ever Harry Potter movie, Deathly Hallows...the end of an era. I remember being depressed, yet excited all year. When the day finally came, July 15th, Midnight, my Dad took me to see Part 1. I was sort of crying before I'd even got in to the cinema, knowing it was all going to end. We sat down, and when the Warner Bros logo came on, I cried.

I watched the movie. Hermione obliviating her parents were sad, and it came up to Dobby's death. That was the end of me. I broke down. The next movie, was Part Two, I was even more of a wreck. I finally realized...this is it. After this; no more movies. It was the best movie ever, despite the fact I was crying my eyes out all the way through. The battle of Hogwarts was magnificent. Fred's death was the worst, considering he was one of my favourite characters.

Then, came the bit at the end, where Harry broke the elder wand, and him, Hermione and Ron walked out of the Hogwarts grounds. I was like "Oh comes even more tears." and yet again, I was crying. Then, came the epilogue. When we finally got to meet the children of Harry and Ginny, Hermione and Ron and Draco and Astoria.

I cried through that too. Then, the credits came on. I cried in my seat, for about 10 minutes, my Dad had to literally drag me out into the car. He looked at me and said "Are you okay?" I said "It's just the fact that it has ended."

I've read the books too, they are just breathtaking, I cried at the end of Deathly Hallows, too. The books are something I've never experienced before. A whole new universe. JK. Rowling is my God.

I think, without the Harry Potter movies, me and my Dad would not be as close as we are now. We saw every Harry Potter movie together, it was our thing. I'm certain he was sad, because we would have nothing to really bond on as much.

I grew up with Harry Potter, you see. It's not just a "fad", it's a lifestyle. It's something that changed my life. Harry, Ron and Hermione were there when no one else was. JK Rowling, I salute and thank you for giving me my childhood, my magical childhood. I couldn't have had a better one. ϟ <3

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Magic :)

by Courtney
(Brisbane, Australia)

When I was in primary school my teacher read us Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone...I loved it, I loved Hogwarts and I loved magic!

I went to the first screening of Chamber of Secrets and that movie was always my favorite (I can't decide anymore!) That was when I really fell in love with the whole Harry Potter world and that year I had my 7th birthday party that was Harry Potter themed!

I have had many times when I have felt down and read or watch Harry and the world disappeared and Harry came to life. I used to dream about being sorted and being Harry's best friend and just having an amazing time, they were always the best dreams!

This year I went to Deathly Hallows part 2 on the first day it came out by myself cause I just couldn't wait and it was the most amazing movie I have ever seen i cried like the whole movie and sobbed on my way out knowing that was the last one :(((

I had another Harry themed party this year - 15th - I had my Harry posters all over the walls and my little lego Harry's everywhere :P it was awesome my best friend got me a christmas tree oranment from hallmark that has Harry, Ron and Hermione flying to get away from the fiendfyre. I love Harry Potter <3

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Exceptionally Ordinary

by Luna Cassandra
(Antipolo City, Philippines)

my friend made this one for me

my friend made this one for me

I was around 10 or 11 when my Harry Potter obsession started. I was in 5th grade and out of curiosity, I bought the first Harry Potter book. And it captured me. I started wishing that Hogwarts was real.

I started waiting for my letter. I played with my pens and pretended they were wands. I would chant "sunshine Daisies butter mellow" all the time. And then the first movie came out, and this is a confession...We were supposed to be working on a project then, but I bailed just to catch the movie with my family. And then I grew up, but I didn't outgrow my love for the series.

I'd watch the movies from time to time, re-read the books...Pretend I was Luna. I even made a Luna Lovegood RP account once, and most of my friends call me Luna now. haha
And then the final movie came.

And yes, I experienced Post Potter Depression. You know, whenever I hear the word "always", Lily and Snape come to mind.

Whenever it's Christmas, I think of Mistletoes...and nargles.

Harry Potter is so much a part of me that I don't know if I'd be me without it.

There's also this group on Facebook called Hogwarts Philippines...I found some of the coolest people in there. We'd share Potter stories from time to time, and some of us have grown closer--even out of the Potter fandom. Potterheads always make me feel less alone.

I think even when I grow more older and maybe have kids or my own family, my love for the series won't end. Without it, I won't be exceptinally ordinary (wink wink) :)


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Take your time.

by Madeline

When I was younger my Aunty would take me to see the Harry Potter films. Let me just tell you I had no clue what they were about. Then I forgot all about them.

Then a couple of years ago my Aunty moved to the city and gave me her Harry Potter books. I put them on my shelf and once again forgot about them, and then twilight appeared.

All of my friends were in love with Twilight but I didn't particularly like it so I decided to find something to occupy myself with so while they were begging me to read Twilight I could say I was currently reading something else.

I was at the local library trying to find a good series of books to read when I stumbled across Harry Potter and then it clicked. I had the series of books I needed there the whole time so I went back home to look for them.

At first I had my doubts about it because I thought, if I hadn't read it before it must not be good but I read on anyway and within weeks I had finished the series. I then went on to the movies.

I sat myself down and watched all the Harry Potter films that had been released, my friends then dubbed me obsessed, and I was. My room started to fill with H.P Artefacts and I have a jar full of savings labelled Harry Potter Orlando trip.

I then made my friends read Harry Potter and they love it. I may be a new fan but that doesn't mean I'm not in love with Harry Potter.

R.I.P Dobby

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How Harry Potter Made Magic Real (For Me)

by Tori
(United States of America, Oregon)

I didn't have imaginary friends when I was a kid. I didn't believe in fairies and I didn't have dreams about flying with dragons. I was imaginative, sure, but so very realistic that I think it may have stunted my childhood just a bit.

That was until I read Harry Potter. The first book I got was shiny and new and just...beautiful. It was the artwork on the cover that drew my attention and had me tugging at my mom's sleeve in eagerness. It was so quirky and odd, unlike any of the cartoon-y art I had been used to seeing on the front of the books I read. She, of course, bought it for me.

When I read the first page, I was hooked. The first chapter got me truly thinking about examining myself in case I had suddenly developed a rare form OCD where the obsessive compulsion was to read Harry Potter over and over. But what it truly instilled in me was the belief that maybe, somewhere out there, was magic. Fairies, dragons, mermaids... It all became real to me. I begged my mom for a ticket to London, to King's Cross Station so I could attempt to walk into Platform 9 3/4, to see the Hogwarts Express.

And when, on my 11th birthday, I didn't receive my Hogwarts letter of acceptance, I cried for days. But I kept my belief. "Errol lost my letter", I used to say, and I believed it, I truly did.

The second book was, no questions asked, an instant buy. I had it pre-ordered and in my hands the day it came out. The magic only continued. I read each chapter with an eager eye, taking it all in, happily. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth were all the same. But the seventh... The last book. I stood in line for hours at the midnight selling of it. I waited and waited.

I had grown up with Harry and this was the final piece, where all our questions would be answered. When I got it, I started reading. I cried at every death, as if I had lost my own friends. Hedwig, Dobby and Snape were especially difficult for me. But I made through to the end, to the happy ending, and the possibility of continuation. (I remain steadfast in my sincere hope that JK Rowling will write a series on the children).

The best part is that I still believe in magic. I like to think I always will. It's changed, of course. I believe in smaller bits of magic. The magic of love, which is something, truly, that I also learned from the Harry Potter Series. I believe in the magic of forgiveness. And the small part in my heart will always, always believe that Errol just lost my letter.

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The Sorting Bet!!

by Cara/Hedwig
(Hamilton, Scotland)

Well on my 11th birthday I recieved a letter, of course you will know where from. I wasn't surprised because I come from a pure blood family.

I sent an owl to my best friend, Kate, to tell her I got it. We arranged to go into London on the saturday. We had a boring time i already had an owl (salazar) so we never got into the owl/cat/frog/magical creatures shop. Something fun that did happen was that our parents (who all work at the ministry) got called into work.

They left us behind, told us that we had to be home before them. "That doesn't meen we can't take a detour home" I said with a very evil grin on my face.

"Neither it does" Kate said in reply

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I think I am!!"

"Zonko's Joke Shop!" we cried in unison.

We got to Zonko's in minutes, because we had some money left over we decided to stock up on the absolute needs. Filibuster Fireworks, Exploding Beans and many other tricksters. When we had finished there was hardly anything left in the shop.

"I think this should last us through our 1st year" commented Kate. "I think you might be right. I really can't wait till term starts!" I replied.

Term started. Our cases were ready and we were on the train steaming through the country side. As we were talking we couldn't help over hearing the conversation that 3 boys were having. About us!

"I bet 5 galleons those 2 get put into Hufflepuff" said the skinniest and palest off the 3. The other 2 started sniggering. We stood up, turned around to look at them and I said without any doubt in my voice..."Oh really, I think you will find that we will probably be in Sytherin!!"

The pale boy sniggered again and also stood up. "And what makes you say that" he said with a smug grin. "Both my parents and cara's were in syltherine when they were at school" Kate chipped in.

"Well we will just see who is really going to end up where, shall we bet on it?" he said the grin growing. "Bring it on, if we are put in Slytherin you give us 5 galleons each but if we are put elsewhere we will give you 10 galleons.

"Deal!" I said suprising myself at how confident that sounded. "Deal" he said looking slightly worried. "The sorting will begin momentarily" said Professor Mc Gonagall. Kate and I looked to one another then turned to look at the 3 boys, all of whom looked a bit worried.

"You may all come in now, follow me and line up along the front of the hall. When I call out your name sit on the stool and I will place the sorting hat on your head" said Professor McGonagall with a stern look on her face. We waited for ages but all 3 boys got put into Slytherin. There were only 2 spaces left in Slytherin.

The hat called Kate's name and she sat on the stool - "SLYTHERIN" called out the hat. Then came my name. Before the hat even got a chance to touch my head it shouted "SLYTHERIN" for the last time. The smile spread across my face. I walked past the 3 boys who all looked very annoyed.

When we got into the Slytherin common room we turned to the boy with the pale skin. Before we could say anything he gave us the money and said "I'm Draco Malfoy by the way". Then he turned around and walked up the stairs.

We looked at each other reached into our pockets took out a filibuster and sent them flying int the air.

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My childhood.

by halie curtis

When I was younger, around the age of 7 or so, the Harry Potter series erupted into media and into people's hearts.

I remember the first time I read a Harry Potter book. I sat for hours until I was done. I was crazed, a psycho over these books. Totally addicted, I would have my mom get every Harry Potter relic, toy, collectible, and poster there was.

The story is just enchanting, and when the movies came out I went gaga. I currently own all of the books and all of the movies except for the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I had and still have a deadly obsession with Daniel Radcliffe. I have 4 posters on my wall, The Deathly Hallows Part 2, The Prisoner of Azkaban, Dumbledore's Army and The Order of the Phoenix.

I cannot describe my emotions after I saw the last movie. I was sad but happy it was created into a movie and sad that it's over. I think JK Rowling should continue the series with the kids. I am now 16 and still devoted to the Harry Potter series.

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What I grew up with?

by Louise

I am 13 and I just about grew up with Harry Potter in my life. I was a 4 year old and me and my mum watched it on a rainy morning because we had nothing to do. My mum before she watched it said it "might not be much", but after she watched it me and her loved it and I’ve loved it ever since!

Hey Louise,
That’s amazing that you were only 4 years old when you saw your first Harry Potter movie! It it were me I’d be really scared. I didn’t see them until I was an adult of course but I’m just glad I did see them 
I suppose now you’ve seen all the movies and read all the books you’ll be looking to the “Pottermore” site for more Harry Potter stuff. Maybe, just maybe J.K. Rowling will concede to write another book or two. Now that would be something!

Thanks for your post & kind regards,
Trevor M.

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The Film that changed my life

by Rebecca

Well after watching the first Harry Potter film it was so amazing i just had to see them all. I love Harry Potter (they are my favorite films.)

Since the day that I watched the Philosopher Stone I have been collecting Harry Potter accessories ever since. I have the room of requirement, the great hall and most of the action figures, and I recently bought an exact replica of Harry Potter's wand for £26.

My favorite characters are Harry, Ron and Hermione (obviously) Professor Dumbledore, Hagrid and Dobby. My favorite villains are Professor Snape and Draco Malfoy. Well I know that Snape is cruel to Harry and everything but c'mon he isn't that bad (in my opinion anyway.)

My least favorite characters are the divination teacher Sybill Trelawney and Dolores Umbridge the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in year five. Well first of all Proffesor Trelawney is just a complete and utter nutcase and Dolores Umbridge where will I start I mean I've heard of school rules but she just takes it a bit to far.

Finally my favorite Harry Potter film is The Deathly Hallows part 2 its the most amazing film of all time, I went to see it at the IMAX cinema so that made it even better!

I have always enjoyed reading books but J.K.Rowling just adds that little bit of magic to the books.

The Harry Potter books and films has grasped not only my attention but my Mum's, Dad's, my Aunt's and my big cousin's.

I hope my story has helped a lot of people who want to see any of the Harry Potter films or read any of the books!

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Two Potters

by Hailey

When I was younger I would pretend that I was a Hogwarts student and that I was Harry Potter's twin sister that got put in Slytherin.

But in the middle of the 1st year the sorting hat called a re-sorting and I got put in Gryffindor. While growing up I realized the stories came so real and alive to me that it helped me pass school.

I had no friends because I'm shy and quiet and most people don't like me cause I'm different but while in school I would imagine casting spells on peolple and sorting everyone I meet into houses.

I live for Harry Potter and even though it's over it doesn't mean my passion is too. Live on Hary Potter!

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How I became a Harry Potter fan

by Brittney
(Ingleside, IL, United States)



When I was about 7 or 8 years old in 2001 I first saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on TV (or I had rented the movie) from what I can remember.

When I watched the movie I fell in love with it and I also was starting to have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter. I kind of knew about the books when I was in Elementary School but I didn't read them.

My physical therapist was the one who influenced me about Harry Potter and I'm glad that she did. I think it was 2002 when I saw Chamber of Secrets with my dad at the movie theater and I enjoyed watching it too. I didn't get to see the very beginning of the movie because me and my dad arrived very late. When I got Chamber of Scerets though, I finally got to see the beginning of it and watched all the way through.

I was at a different school one time and someone read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to me (just a little bit though) I liked what I heard but I was too attached to the movies to want to read more.

I saw The Prisoner Of Azkaban on DVD because one of my parents got it for me, and again, loved the movie. I also saw a bit of Goblet of Fire at my uncle's house during one Christmas Party, I don't remember if I saw The Goblet of Fire before that time or after but I loved that movie as well.

Then I finally saw Order of the Phoenix at home on a disk because one of my mom's friends downloaded it. I don't remember if I saw the whole movie or not, I'm pretty sure I did, and I loved it too.

I wanted to go see Half-Blood Prince but I kinda forgot to remind one of my parents to take me. So...I watched it at home, and I really liked it a lot. I was really sad when Sirius and Dumbledore died in those 2 movies.

Finally, I went to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2. Both are fantastic and awesome!

The reason why I haven't read all the books is because they're a bit long for me and I don't know how long it'll take me to read every one of them, no offence.

Also...I went to a bookfair one time and got the "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" book because I thought (at that time) I could try to read it, but I haven't read it at all and it's probably lost somewhere. However, I really love the movies.

So that's my Harry Potter Story.

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A Scary Start!

by Natasha
(Sydney, Australia)

Deathly Hallows 2

Deathly Hallows 2

The first Harry Potter movie, The Philosopher's stone has to be my favourite out of the whole series as it was the start of my childhood memories.

I remember watching the first video on an old VHS video machine with my cousin's when we stayed over at my grandparent's house one school holidays. Although they thought it was going to be a magical fairytale filled with jolly fairies but for us it couldn't have been further from the truth!

For a long time afterward I spent each night being kept awake fearing a huge troll or some sort of creature would suddenly appear in my bedroom or bathroom and so my grandparent's had to put a stop to the Harry Potter movies for a while! It wasn’t helped by my God-Father scaring us every chance he got and thinking it was funny.

Later on, my cousin's got hold of the books and that's when my sister and I were hooked. I suppose like millions of children all over the world we just wanted to know all the ins-and-outs of the stories and were fascinated with the world that J.K. Rowling had created. It certainly made us curious to know more and you were really interested in what the characters were doing and how everything would turn out for them.

As we've grown up the movies have also grown up with us. Each year the characters and plots have got more detailed and mature and I think that's why the Harry Potter series was able to keep us interested. If they'd stayed like the first one I think it would still appeal to little kids but maybe not to older kids - except my God-Father!

If you compare the special effects from the latest movies with the first one they are definitely much better. When I watched the Philosopher's Stone recently I noticed that the troll wasn't as scary as I had remembered. That's probably because I'mm older too but you can see the troll isn't as real looking as the battle scene in the last movie and monsters like Nagini. I'm still scared of Fluffy though – he WAS scary!

There's nothing I don't really hate about Harry Potter movies except I used to really hate Hermione because she annoyed me so much. I have grown to really like her character now but it took me a while to do it.

When you look back you see that her character had to be like that so the main characters could form those relationships and bonds and we could be interested by it. I mean, if there was no tension and they were all good friends from the start it would be a little boring.

I can see that now going through high school where we all have friendships like that. There have been a few people that I've hated in the past (don't ask me who!) but now I can see their good side and maybe why they were acting that way in the past.

One of the things I really love in the Potter movies is how Ron is always childish but lovable. You know deep down he is such a loyal and nice person. I really laughed in the Deathly Hallows when he'd taken the polyjuice potion and went into the ministry as Reginald Cattermole and said to Harry (as Albert Runcorn)... “Oh my God, they've got my wife!” Harry says... "You haven’t got a wife." Ron says... "Oh yeah."

It was a really funny moment but you realize what type of person Ron is because he comes from a big family where they really care about each other and he just naturally cares for his friends – and wife!

When I still think back over the last ten years I get a little sentimental. I feel like I have grown up with all the characters and when I think of the movies it makes me remember all the things I did as a kid with my cousins Ellen and Thomas and all the good times we had. It also makes me think of my grandma and although I miss her so much I still remember all the good times we had at her place being scared of the "Jolly Fairies" in the Harry Potter movies.

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Growing Up with Harry

by Meghan

Harry Potter has literally been my entire life. The first book came out when I was five months old. I've completely grown up with Harry. I haven’t known life without him, and not many people can say that.

My mother introduced me to Harry when I was in third grade. I remember her coming up to me and saying: “There’s somebody I’d like you to meet.” Then she handed me the first Harry Potter and told me to read before I went to bed. Ever since the first chapter of that first book, I was hooked on Harry. He is my childhood hero, my best friend, the person I cannot imagine life without.

I’m proud to be one of those millions of people who made history. I was alive, anticipating the coming of the next Harry. Longing for the next book to be published so I could get my hands on it. I've read the series multiple times, and every time is just as magical as the first time.

I still cringe when Harry fights the Basilisk, still grow upset with Ron during Goblet of Fire, and still cry at the end of Deathly Hallows. Harry is my hero.

The summer after my 8th grade year (Last summer), the final instalment of the Harry Potter saga was released, the 8th and final film. I was blessed enough to go to the midnight premier with a couple of friends. I already knew that summer was going to be different, for it was my last summer before I was out in the real world. It was my last summer before I started High School.

But, because of Harry, the summer was on I will NEVER forget, as long as I live. During the movie I laughed and cried, numerous times. One of the most emotional moments for me was when Harry, Ron, and Hermione were standing in front of Hogwarts, holding hands, silently saying goodbye.

But then, at the end where the screen went to black, and all was silent for one minute, then Hedwig’s theme blared in the theater and the credits began to scroll, I sat bawling my eyes out. I knew it then, I could feel it in the bottom of my heart, my childhood was over.

The thing I had known my whole life, the books I had grasped so many times when bored, the actors and actresses I looked up to, everything, had ended.

But, to those of us who remember the long gaps between books, who remember getting on YouTube to see the trailer for the next movie for the hundredth time, Harry will never be gone. Harry will live on in our hearts, and we will show our children the movies. We will, someday, hand our child a Harry Potter book and say: “There’s somebody I’d like you to meet.”

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Harry Potter is My Life

by Travis
(Sydney, NSW, Australia )


What does Harry Potter mean to me?

Well I read the 1st Harry potter book (Philosopher's Stone)when I was about 5yrs old, I am now 16.

I never use to be the kind of kid that actually enjoys reading & I still don't unless it is of course a Harry potter novel. The 1st book was truly AMAZING, it was certainly an experience.

From the moment I first read Harry Potter was the moment that my life started. Harry Potter to many people is a HUGE part of their life, but to me it is my LIFE or at least my Childhood.

Once I had finished the 1st book it wasn't very long after that the movie had been released in cinemas. I can remember sitting there with my eyes glued to the screen. Every time the date had been released for either the next book or movie I started counting down the days.

Harry potter has been a truly AMAZING adventure. I have LOVED every moment that I have spent watching, reading or even playing the video games of Harry potter. I live in Australia & went over to Orlando, Florida in 2011 just to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I have about $700 dollars worth of collectibles, meaning, wands, T-shirts, Necklaces etc with plans to get a HELL of alot more. Throughout my life at Primary/Elementary school & even in high school I get teased about my OBSESSION with Harry Potter & get told to get over Harry Potter but giving up Harry Potter is like throwing away a Million dollars!

That is how much it means to me. Harry Potter has taught me: Courage, Love, Bravery, Friendship, Loyalty, Family & so on. To me Harry Potter is like a need.

We can't live with out oxygen & I can't live without Harry Potter, at least not yet. H.P. is like my special dose of Marijuana. It is a drug to me. I can never get enough of Harry Potter. I have watched the movies so many times that I say the words before they are even said in the movies.

I could probably read the book backwards & upside down & still say every word. I can hum every song from each OST, I know so much about Harry Potter that if I knew my school work as well as I did Harry Potter I would get A+ in everything.

I can relate to each character throughout the series in so many ways. Each movie/book is a different magical experience. I can't explain how much Harry Potter means to me in words because I don't think there are any words that I know of to use.

Thank You

Mischief Managed...... Harry Potter 4Ever

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Harry Potter and the Adventures of a Young Fangirl

by Hannah

I've known about Harry Potter since the time I was three or four, and I remember specifically one evening my dad brought home a stack of tapes and one of them was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

I was very young, obviously, so I didn't really understand the movie very well but found it entertaining.

As I grew into kindergarten and first grade, and early elementary years in general, my little brother became really obsessed with Harry Potter.

He watched the movies (I think there were only the first two out at the time) over and over, and I really got tired of it.

I avoided reading the books at all costs since his obsession sort of pushed me away.

It wasn't until I was in seventh grade on Christmas vacation when I was visiting my father, and he had just started reading the series.

He lent me his copy of the first book, and though I was reluctant at first, by the time I finished the first chapter I was totally hooked.

I can't really explain why; to be honest, the word choice and grammar usage weren't excellent, but something about it was very captivating anyway.

I'm one of those fans who saw most of the movies before reading the books, but I think of myself as just a big of a fan as anyone else.

This time it was my family who grew tired of me and my new obsession, and I flew through the books in little time.

I was having a really hard time that year, because of school and stuff like that.

It really messed me up, but it was like a God-given gift that I read my now favorite book during that specific period.

In ninth grade my Bible teacher asked me to write him a letter of how the series had affected my faith in Christ, and I told him flat out I felt there was a stronger relationship between the new testament and Harry Potter than there is between NT and the CS Lewis series.

He is (or was, I haven't spoken to him in a while) one of those people who steer clear of magic and wizards altogether.

My favorite movie is definitely the first one since I have a lot of nostalgia, I guess.

I loved the actors when they were kids, too~ And the music is wonderful.

When I was four or five I remember sitting in a hotel with my gran and little brother, playing with pebbles, and watching the movie when the trio discovered Fluffy for the first time.

My gran was complaining that it was a stupid movie (which was very ironic, since she would be the very one to later buy my brother a replica of the Nimbus 2000 and take him to a TV interview on the "Knight Bus")and I got really defensive.

My favorite book is Order of the Phoenix. Actually, I hate reading it, because it was really emotional and I have too much empathy.

But it's because of the way the author was able to create such emotions that can leak out into the reader that makes that book in particular so amazing.

Over the summer my mother and I traveled to Florida a few days before my brother and father, and we spent the whole day together at Universal, mostly in the Harry Potter part.

It was amazing. She has never read the books and has only seen the very last movie, but even she had fun and put up with me when we rode the

Forbidden Journey...thirteen times.

It brought us closer, and I wonder how many mothers would do something like that for their kids.

Sometimes when I go back and read the books I can't imagine what it would be like to be in Harry's place, to not have a mother or a father, and it taught me to be more grateful to be blessed with such wonderful (and slightly insane) parents.

A lot of people cried a lot when reading books or watching the last movie.

I cried a few days before going to see the eighth movie, just because it felt as if a friend was moving out of state or something like that if it makes sense.

When I read the books there were several times when I wanted to chuck them across the room or scream or laugh, but I never cried while reading them.

One day, towards the end of seventh grade (two years before the last movie came out, I think, but honestly I'm too lazy to do the math) it was three or four months since I finished reading the Deathly Hallows.

I remember sitting on the side of my bed doing mathematics or something and suddenly I thought of Dobby, and next thing I knew I was doing this weird hiccup-y, choke-y sobbing thing, because after Dobby it was Lupin and Tonks, and Sirius, and Creevy and Fred and the fact that I had finished the series and I got really emotional about it.

Four months late, but it happened.

I think this is getting kind of long, so I'll try to wrap it up but the words are sort of pouring out.

Last year, well, last school year I mean, Pottermore was created.

It was totally by chance and luck (or God, but I don't want to sound arrogant) that I stumbled upon the Pottermore website the week of the Beta contests.

I checked every day and finally, I answered the right question on the sixth day. I was so excited I couldn't even believe it, and when I was on my ninth grade retreat it was then I believe I got an email saying I got to be one of the Beta users.

When signing up, I didn't get a choice in my username, as others did, which was strange; however, the username that was assigned to me was very fitting, I thought, and I wouldn't change it now.

I took the Sorting hat test months later (it was really painful to wait).

Now, I promise I'm not cliche or anything, but I loved Gryffindor.

In Harry Potter land I made it a point to get a Gryffindor sweatshirt, and a key chain with the Gryffindor crest (plus everything I could afford but that's irrelevant).

However, when I answered the last question of the test and finished praying,

I opened my eyes and the computer screen was bright green with a big "SLYTHERIN" written across it.

I think I cried but I can't remember now.

Slytherin was never my least favorite, but I wanted to be in Gryffindor so badly.

I actually felt bad, because the Slytherin students in the book series were all bullies and not very bright.

I didn't want to be considered the same personality type or whatever as someone arrogant and foolish like Draco or Flint, etc.

I guess I'm foolish anyway for caring so much about a book series and what fictional house I belong in, but whatever~

I read the description or the welcome letter, and over the next few days, I thought Slytherin might be acceptable anyway.

I am the sort of person who tends to be sort of prideful, self-conscious, and ambitious, and I meditated over it a long time and realized I liked Slytherin.

I still don't want to be compared to arrogant bullies, but that very part of me would probably contribute to getting me into that very house if I were to put on the sorting hat right now.

Ok, I'm pretty sure this is way longer than it should be at this point.

Or way back. But even though I wasn't really into it my whole life, Harry Potter has had huge effects on my life.

I don't know if I would be the same person spiritually if I had never read the series.

Ironic how a book that a lot of "Christians" hate because they think it's "Satanic" could help me come closer to Christ, and to learn about myself, too.

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My owl from Professor Maurice

by Roz
(Sydney,NSW,Australia (but I wish I could say hogwarts!))

Firstly I have to say I wouldn't have known about Harry Potter unless Professor M read them to me, It was like a whole new world opened up!(Actually it did!)

Luckily for me my mum had a copy of the first book so I could get hooked on straight away and at some points I felt like she wrote HP for me, but I bet I'm not the only one who says that!

Besides becoming a big book worm, I started to understand how other people think and I could relate characters from the book to people I knew (I had a few Gilderoy Lockharts!) All in all it definitely made me more confident with speaking to others.

My favourite book is the fourth but sadly I found the movie a bit boring, it just wasn't as good as the book so I was pretty disappointed about that.

In the last movie my favourite bit was when Snape died not because I didn't like him and I wanted him to die but because it explained a lot about him and the way he acted towards Harry. It was the last piece of the puzzle. My favourite line was when Neville said "Yeah, you and whose army?"

I remember watching the first three movies and my parents making me wait ages to watch the last one's because they were rated M but eventually my parents gave in and I caught up to everyone else. I was so excited when mum said she'd rented the Goblet of Fire from the DVD shop!

Then that collectors set came out with the Sunday Telegraph and I had to make sure I had everything posters, post cards and of course the wands! I also got a Harry Potter show bag from the Easter show that was very handy to have.

Thanks Professor M for letting me share my story, Then again I wouldn't have one if it wasn't for you!

P.S. I know everyone calls you Mr. M but Professor M seemed more appropriate for the occasion!

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Me and Harry Potter

I was in fourth grade when my love for HP started. We had this system in school where you ONLY read books that were your level. I was only in a 5th grade level and HP was considered High School.

We had an assembly one day so I decided to sneak out and see what they had in the High School section. Of course the library was closed for the assembly so it was pretty dark when I got in.

I ran my fingers across the books to see what I would take first. Of course you probably figured by now it was Harry Potter.

By then I had seen like two or three HP movies so I thought "what the heck they look good!" So I took all the books I could find and thats where it started!!! (don't worry I returned the books without anybody noticing)

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My second childhood

by Sheila
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

I started to read the books when my son was in grade six. They were the first books he actually WANTED to read. However, as the member of a fairly conservative church at the time I had also heard the bad press.

Well I read the first book and I was enthralled and went out and bought the 2nd one right away. By the time the 5th one came out we were lined up at midnight at Chapters.

JK has an incredible imagination and spins a fabulous story that is easy enough for a 10 - 12 yr old to read but can hold the interest of a 30 - 80 yr old.

I have read all the books 3 times and see all the movies at least twice except the last one but I will be buying the DVD when I am able to.

As a child I devoured Nancy Drew, as a young adult I devoured VC Andrews, but as an middle aged woman I devoured Harry Potter and came back for 2nd and 3rd helpings. They were the first books that I actually read more than once.

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joy lovegood... my HP story

by Joy Lovegood
(Canada, ON)

this is a drawing of my tattoo

this is a drawing of my tattoo

Hey Potter heads,

I know I wont be the first one to say this but I am a giant Harry Potter fan!!! I am only 15, so obviously I didn't grow up with the series persay, but I am a fan at heart no matter what.

I do have to admit... and I am ashamed to say that when I first started to read the series... it did'nt seem that interesting, but that might have been because I was reading them in French (I couldnt speak english)

But once I got to the second book, it started to catch my attention and ever since then, I have been hooked!!!

Ever since then, I have read the books, watched all the movies, got a tattoo of the deathly hallows (and I cant wait to get more!!).

Also once I get a job, I'm gonna start turning my room into a... RAVENCLAW ROOM!!!!.. yes, I am a Ravenclaw, how about you guys?

Anyways, I have fallen in love with Harry Potter and I really hope it lasts for many years to come, because that would mean I love my first love, but instead of a boy, its a book... lollz

Although it does make sense since I do have crushes on some of the characters, mostly in GoB, like Ron and, mock me if you will... Neville, I'm sirius...

Anyways, I could go on for hours and hours, but I'm thinking you guys want to go check others so... see ya later guys!!!

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Haley Potter XD

by Chass
(United States)

When I was at least 3 years old I imagined Harry Potter as my brother and I was his sister Haley. It was so crazy I saved a spot for him at the dinner table!

I was young and creative! I loved to watch them and pretend Draco Malfoy was my enemy too! My friends Danica, Roni, Henry and I all played Harry Potter and we chose the characters. I was Harry, Roni was Ron, Henry was Hermione and Danica was Draco!

I loved to play as the brave one XD. As I grew older I started to lose interest in playing the game anymore, but I still loved watching the movies! As I grew up I started reading the series and I started writing books myself and Harry potter even now is my inspiration!

I love to write books and I love to read! Reading is my passion, especially the big Harry Potter books! It changed my life cause to me. I think Harry Potter is what made me an honors student. I think he gave me creativity! I think that Voldemort helped me along the way too!

The suspense, the action! I would be in pain and reading my Harry Potter book would make it all better! Harry Potter is my life! It's the one thing that, even if the movies are over, I will still continue on new stories of Harry Potter in my head and hey, maybe, JK Rowling might start a book about his sons, I don't know?

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My Potter Story

by Jess D
(Sydney NSW Australia)

I started reading the Harry Potter books when I was 7, and finished them all in a few months I liked them so much! When my mum told me about the movies I went completely psycho.

Then in Year 3, one of the teachers started reading Harry Potter books to his class and I was SO jealous of his class. The class even did art projects about Harry Potter, like a Platform 9 and 3 Quarters poster that they put across the door!

Ever since then I have been, if possible, even more crazy about J.K Rowling's books. I missed school to see the movies the day they came out, I dressed up as Harry Potter characters for a LOT of occasions and I even attempted to make my room into the Griffyndor common room once!

I think my favourite character is either one of the Weasley twins, Neville Longbottom or Luna Lovegood.

RANDOM FACT: There's a house that I walk past that is called Dursley and it's number 4!

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just an 11 year old going to hogwarts.

by Nikki



It was hard for me and my sister to read, or watch Harry Potter. Why? Because of my mother.
still confused? Yeah, I can see that.

My mom believes that Harry Potter is 'not following God'etc. But I still believe in God, but I still like Harry. So if I were to be a fan, it would have to be in secret. Unless I want to walk around with a wand in my hand, and then my mom calling the police.

When I ever I feel the secret connection between Harry and me... I feel more into the books.


Because both Harry and I had to keep our wizarding world knowledge a secret from our parents (or in harry's case, his aunt and uncle) So I felt more connected to him.

Always knowing about the wizarding world in secret seemed cool. But then came the day when my mom found out I had a wand. In fact, she caught me waving it in my room! So I tried to explain how Harry is just a great story, and how it's about good VS evil, etc.

She sorta got it... but I think she still is a little sly on it. Harry helped me a lot when I had to move and I was lonely. I have so much to thank him.
1. My favorite characters is Luna and Fred and George

2. My fav. book was Deathly Hallows and Order of the Phoenix, & my fav. movie was Deathly Hallows Part 2.

3.Harry potter gave me the idea to read a whole lot more.

The story really did make me cry of tears of joy and sadness at the last book.

Everything ended. my childhood-poof gone like that. in a turn a of page, it was gone.

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The Bond of Friendship and Love

by Samantha

When the movies first came out I was seven years old and the movie Philosopher's Stone just caught my imagination, it was humorous and full of imagination.

Once I saw the movie I began to read the books and they where the first books I had read and enjoyed beyond any other - these included The tales of Beedle the bard, Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I love the idea of another world full of magic. Both the books and movies meant a lot to me for it showed me what true friendship is and that you need your friends there for you all the time. Without his friends Harry would never have survived.

My favourite characters where Harry, Ron and Hermione with their arguments, the Weasley twins Fred and George for their humour and how they used their intelligence to create the skiving snack boxes - especially a particular scene concerning a little lady in pink and a firework dragon!

Neville is also one of those characters whom I love, he is so loyal to Harry and the others and does whatever he can to help them. He sticks by his friends no matter what.

My favourite book was the Goblet of Fire with all the new wizards and witches along with the various new creatures that where introduced. I also enjoyed the ending of Order of the Phoenix with the Department of Mysteries.

Ron; "Department of Mysteries they got that right"

and Deathly Hallows, the movies are the same.

Since they were the first books I read it got me interested in reading other books about magic and to see if there were any similarities. Then I began reading about myths, legends and all sorts. I am now a bookworm.

Whenever I am feeling down or ill I always put on the Harry Potter dvd's for I love the music and the action and I have cried a number of times through the movie Order of the Phoenix, Half-blood Prince and Deathly Hallows even though I new whose death was coming thanks to the books.

Dumbledore's theory is true, love is the most powerful thing in the world. It saved Harry as a baby and all through his years at Hogwarts and it saved him and all his friends in the end when he sacrifices himself for them.

Harry even saved his school enemy Draco from burning in the Room of Requirements, making Draco not yet a friend but not an enemy either. The bond of friendship and love is what saved Harry and everyone from Voldemort and it is important to love someone in life.

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My Hogwarts Letter

by Lisa Lynch
(Feltham, London, England)

Cute Manga Potter!

Cute Manga Potter!

Since the first Harry Potter book came out in 1997 I have been obsessed, at that time I would have been four years old so while I would not have been reading the book myself my parents would read it as my favourite bedtime story.

From then I have only grown, both as a person and as a Harry Potter fan, in fact out of all of the people I know I am the biggest Harry Potter geek XD.

When I was a child I went through some really rough things and then my mum and her partner were in an abusive relationship whilst I was growing up. I used books as an escape at that time and I ended up loving to read.

Anyway, I was searching for ways out and I found that in Harry Potter, from the moment I turned 10 in 2003 to the moment I turned 12 in 2005 I was sitting on my window sill every night praying for my Hogwarts letter to come, having never been much of a religious person it was a big step for me.

As well as that I spent all of my wishes that I either caught or blew (you know those kinds of flowers - we used to call them faries XD) on asking for the same thing. Harry Potter helped me to keep hoping at a time I had given up so for that I thank it XD.

Recently one of my friends went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and brought me back a post card that has been Owl Post stamped, so far it is the best souvenir that anyone has every given me... IT WAS (IS) AWESOME XD.

Favourite Characters: Harry (obviously ;D), Hermione, Fred and Gorge, Bill and Charlie, Voldemort, Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black etc.

Least Favourite Characters: Dumbledore, Ron, Ginny, Mrs Weasley, Percy, Wormtail.

Favourite Book and Movie: Book = Deathly Hallows, Movie = Prisoner of Azkaban

Friends: There are a select few of my friends who are slightly less geeky about Harry Potter than I am the rest groan whenever it is mentioned XD.

Emotional Reactions: The revelations of Deathly Hallows made me hate Dumbledore for his harsh manipulations on Harry and I am not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby when Dobby Died - it needs capitalisation - I watched the last two films together in a special midnight release and

I cried whenever anybody died, I also sobbed when the films actually ended because it meant that the biggest part of my life was over. Recently there was a programme on television called the 50 Greatest Moments Of Harry Potter and I cried through that as well, because I'm just that awesome.

Anyway that's my Harry Potter Story and I hope you enjoyed it XD.

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Brought up with magic

by Gemma Spalding

As soon as the first 'Harry Potter' film came out, I went to see it at the cinema with my family. We loved every bit of it, especially me and my mum! We bought the film and watched it very often, from then on, every 'Harry Potter' film that came out, was watched at the cinema and bought by me.

I loved the 'Harry Potter' films so much that I always used to say I would be in one of the films when I was older (as somebody like 'Luna Lovegood's' sister as we looked a bit alike). Sadly now, the films have come to an end, this means my dream from when I was younger will not come true.

The 'Harry Potter' films mean a lot to me as I know them very well, the films are about, what I call, the ideal world (apart from the deaths and other bad things). I think they mean so much to me as I was brought up knowing them, enjoying them and wanting to be in them.

Once before, my Grandma and Grandad took me and my brother out for the day, as we were walking, I noticed a building in the middle of a field, I immediately stopped, stared and shouted 'It's the building that Harry Potter was filmed in!' I was so happy and proud that I had seen it and been so close! That's one thing I'll never forget.

I love the 'Harry Potter' films a lot, I watched them when I was little and have all the books and some collectable items!

'It was like I was brought up with magic!'

From Gemma Spalding, 13

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Harry Potter Saves My Depression!

When I was young I read the books and was blown away, they helped me escape the boring parts of childhood and allowed me to enter the world of Hogwarts.

I have Aspergers Syndrome and Tourettes Syndrome and the Films and Books took my mind of my curse and gave me a life I never knew I had. My mind was transported to the Wizarding World where I imagined myself in the situations the main characters were in. I felt Harry was me/ I was Harry and my best friends Were Ron and Hermonie, my enemies are Voldemort and the Death Eater.

Now I have left secondary school but in that school I had so many friends that joined me in a conversation about Potter and even saw the last two with my friend and I cried when it ended. I have the boxset and still can't stop crying even at the start of the franchise. I can't even stop crying while reading the books and I am going to the Making off next Saturday. I consider myself the number one fan of Harry Potter and would give anything to be able to have an experience of what being Harry is like.

Harry was and always will be my childhood and I am gutted it had to end.

As J.K Rowling said "Hogwarts will always be that to welcome you home" and I feel like Hogwarts will be in my heart for ever and ever.


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Harry Potter Childhood

by I <3 Harry Potter a.k.a. Rue

When I was in third grade I read my first Harry Potter book, and fell in love. I remember that my sister read the first chapter to me, and I just kept on thinking ‘can’t she go any faster?’

I finished that book within days, and I was hooked. I remember waiting for the other books to come out. The predictions, the leaked stories, etc. It was exciting, and I couldn’t wait to read the last story.

Yet, when the end finally did come out, I sobbed like a baby because it was over. My family and I went to the midnight release of the
seventh book. I read it within days.

I also went to the midnight release of the last movie. I loved waiting to see each movie as it came out, and comparing it to the books. Which part did I like better? Which parts were different? The same?

I also love watching them over and over again. You truly are a fan when you can quote almost every line of the movie, sometimes when you are watching it in the theater. You are also a true fan when you can get to any section of the book within seconds, because you know exactly where it is. I am both of those and many more.

I have spent so much time with these characters, that they are my friends. I care if Ginny and Harry end up together. I want to shake Ron and tell him to stop being such an idiot. I go on their adventures, and want to tell them what to do, or that it will all work out. I love these books.

I am proud to be part of the Harry Potter generation and I cannot wait to share these books with others who will sadly not be able to experience “Potter Mania”, like the rest of us who own thirty different Harry Potter souvenirs that only a true fan would enjoy.

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Harry Potter- The Beginning

by lenora
(Boulder Colorado U.S.)

When I first read the Harry Potter series, it spawned my love for more fiction books that are related to adventures or thereabouts.

It also has given me a true obsession for the books and will probably never go away, it will probably also never let me forget about the books every second of the day.

Finally, I will never stop wishing that Rowling write another book.

Hey Lenora,

Trevor M. here. Thanks for the post. I do understand your obsession and I think many others will too :))

I'm glad you brought that point up as I've found a fun Harry Potter Obsession website that people may want to have a look at...

#1 - Harry Potter Obsession

How obsessed are you? This quiz is hard. But, to quote Sir Cadogan "Be stout of heart, the worst is yet to come!" by the way, I've bewitched your keyboard with an anti-cheating charm, so don't consult the books. Email me what you get at if you want...

Read more here...

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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Bedtime Stories.

by Emily:)

When I was about 9, my parents read me bedtime stories before I went to bed. My mum came home from work with a book called 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. She told me and my brother that it was full of magic.

Mum and dad took turns in reading the book to me before bedtime. My whole family got so into the books that, say my mum was reading the book, my dad would sneak in and listen too, or the same with dad reading, mum would sneak in to listen.

My dad heard that J.K. Rowling was writing a big series of the books and couldn't help but buy them when each of them came out. My whole family would look forward to reading them.

Then came the films. We all love the films! Especially my mum and I. Although, we never got the chance to go to a premiere :(

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It's not just any old book!

by Jessica
(Lincolnshire, UK)

Most people would look me in the face and immediatley think "Normal". They wouldn't think I'd be into astronomy, movie-making, Duran Duran and especially not Harry Potter.

They'd just think of a typical 11 year old girl with a face covered in freckles. Well, they're truly much mistaken as I'm into all them things (Duran Duran, I know!) especially Harry Potter. In fact, they probably wouldn't realise that I'm a huge, massive, ENORMOUSLY obssessed Potter fan that if got any bigger would probably explode.

But it didn't start like that. It didn't start with me walking into a bookshop and buying a Harry Potter book just for the sake of it. No, I was almost FORCED to read the books. But anyway, here goes...

When I was at Primary school in Year 5 we had this reading system where we had to read so many books on our "level" each month before we could move up. I was on quite a high level and had read every single decent book on the shelf apart from Harry Potter. I had a couple more quizzes I needed to do before the end of the month and there weren't any other books left apart from...

"No," I groaned, "I'm NOT going to read Harry Potter. I'm NEVER EVER EVER going to read it!" But I had no choice. I needed to read. So I picked up the Prisoner of Azkaban and went back into the classroom to settle down and read.

The moment my eyes touched the first letter of the first word of the first page I was HOOKED. I'd never read anything like it. I was so addicted, in fact, that I stayed up all night reading it and when morning came there was only fifty pages left.

I finished it that day and excitedly went on to read the Chamber of Secrets. Again, I finished that in a couple of days and went on to read the first book, the Philosopher's Stone. That immediatley turned out to be my favourite.

Now Harry Potter was growing on my nine-year-old self and I decided to set about buying the books for myself. A year later I had myself loaded with the whole set in Hardback as well as the Philosopher's Stone in paperback and the Chamber of Secrets in deluxe edition. Not to mention a small collection of Harry Potter merch and Posters that I kept tucked up in my snug little "Harry Potter Corner".

That Christmas I got my very own Lego Hogwarts castle. And to top it off, I discovered that me, my Mum and my Dad would be jetting off for 11 days at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

When we got back on the 23rd of June I'd taken home quite a lot of HP stuff, including a wand that "chose me" at Ollivanders wand shop, and a Purple Pygmy Puff, named Clark. I had no room in my corner any more. I needed to upgrade.

So two years later from the first time I read a Harry Potter book my room has totally transformed. Potter posters in every direction and a collection of over 70 items. I like to take my wand EVERYWHERE with me and whenever I'm really miserable a scruffy black-haired boy with green eyes, round glasses, and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead pops into my mind and I immediatley cheer up.

I also get extremely emotional over the books and when I had finally finished the Deathly Hallows at 3 in the morning, I cried my eyes out until daybreak. And also, unlike many others, I base Harry Potter on how he should be and what he REALLY looks like instead of taking it all out of the movies. My castle is completely different, my robes are completley different, and my Ron is so different he's almost unrecognisable.

Most people for some reason think that their Hogwarts letter comes out on their 11th birthday when they actually come out during the period that all the letters get sent out. So on my 11th birthday (which happened to be the royal wedding day) I told myself:

"Not today, Jess, but not long now!"

Near the end of July 2011, I got up every morning at 5 and sat and stared out of my window until 8 waiting for my owl to come. It never did. So I cried and cried for about a month before persuading myself that perhaps I wasn't QUITE magical enough or that the magic quill that detects magical births was too busy scribbling somebody else's name down to remember me.

I'm now leading a muggle's life and learning muggle stuff in a muggle secondry school... But I'll still believe in magic for ever and ever. I'm not quite muggle...

So all I have to say really is that Harry Potter has changed my life. For the Better...

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My Harry-Me Life

by Kesja Dabrowska
(Stockport, England)

Hermione Granger by me

Hermione Granger by me

I have started my journey with Harry Potter when I was about seven years old, just in 2001 when in my country the first film of Harry Potter has came out.

When I had first watched it I was actually really amazed. I had really loved the first part of the saga.

From that day I have been asking my parents every day about some money, so I could buy the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

And then just on Christmas Eve my dream have come true, my godmother has bought me this book. I have been so excited and happy that I read it in week. After this event I have been waiting with great curiosity for the next books and films.

My brother and sister and even my parents have been joining me in reading Harry's adventures in Hogwarts.

It has been a great opportunity to let my imagination flow. From 2001 I have read all the books more than a thousand times, as well as my father has made me even more happier as when the time came for the fifth film he has given me all the games of Harry Potter and all the audio-books that has been out. I am listening to them even now, when I have actually started the college.

When in 2008 I have moved to England I have decided to go to London to visit King's Cross just to let myself feel a bit of the magic. But still my family's finances don't let me do this.

Moreover I wish to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But well Harry Potter books and films have let me get over the bad days, my depression in high school when I have come to new school where no one wanted to talk with me. Harry Potter has been there when I need him and his story.

I wish there could be something that I could have done for him.

Even though I am nearly 17 I still believe in Harry Potter and in the magic that JK Rowling has created in her books. Now I could come a little closer to this world by producing art work from books and films of Harry Potter.

I wish there could be another book of the new generation of Harry Potter.

I hope it will happen some day. But for now I will keep reading all the books again and again till I remember every word. :)

Harry Potter gave me joy, tears and triumph.


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Harry Potter Saves My Depression!

by Fred
(Christchurch, New Zealand)

When I was young I read the books and was blown away, they helped me escape the boring parts of childhood and allowed me to enter the world of Hogwarts.

I have Aspergers Syndrome and Tourettes Syndrome and the Films and Books took my mind of my curse and gave me a life I never knew I had. My mind was transported to the Wizarding World where I imagined myself in the situations the main characters were in. I felt Harry was me/ I was Harry and my best friends Were Ron and Hermonie, my enemies are Voldemort and the Death Eater.

Now I have left secondary school but in that school I had so many friends that joined me in a conversation about Potter and even saw the last two with my friend and I cried when it ended. I have the boxset and still can't stop crying even at the start of the franchise. I can't even stop crying while reading the books and I am going to the Making off next Saturday. I consider myself the number one fan of Harry Potter and would give anything to be able to have an experience of what being Harry is like.

Harry was and always will be my childhood and I am gutted it had to end.

As J.K Rowling said "Hogwarts will always be that to welcome you home" and I feel like Hogwarts will be in my heart for ever and ever.

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Daisy Cooper

by Daisy

Im only 10 and I love harry potter and pretend at school that im Hermione Granger,so I dress like her,read loads of books and study loads!! My teacher says im very smart!

I do lots of after-school clubs and absolutely like school very much. I sometimes pretend with my best friend that we are in harry potter world and im Hermione and shes Harry!!!

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Harry Potter the Hero

by Anitra Schmid
(Missoula, MT, Us)

"I, Harry Potter, defeated the worlds biggest threat. So now everyone, witches and wizards or not, can be safe from now on", says Harry to the news reporters.

Show the years when the kids first started school and until the graduate. Harry Potter was my favorite movie series, I was sad when the last movie came, because I wouldnt get to see any more of Harry Potter.

Harry's kids are attending Hogwarts for witchcraft and wizardy. Some of the kids get in trouble a lot and before one of them graduate a big battle will happen. During the battle, Harry comes and trains his kids for if something happens like this again.

Show Harry, when he reunites with all hes friends from his childhood. Have one of his kids just like him be the main character. Let us know how the kid is that is just like Harry. I want to see the way the kids are in school. Have some of the stuff that happened to Harry, happen to the child like him. The Chamber of Secrets can open up but nothing comes out and it makes noises.

So the child goes inside to see what it was and finds an opened journal that's making the noises. He goes to see the journal and it says inside, I'll be here at this same place waiting for you (name). Come see me for a lesson.

But it didn't have a signature to see who wrote it. So he came back to find Draco Malfoy to try and kill him. Right as Malfoy is about to cast a stunning spell, Harry comes out of the shadow and cast one on him and tells his son to run, After he ran, the headmaster ask whats wrong, So he told him.

Headmaster went running to stop it. But by the time he got there Malfoy was dead.

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Behind The Hufflepuff

by Thomas
(Racine, WI, USA)

The Murders Mr. and Mrs. Julier, of Newston Boulevard were proud to say that they were pure blood, thank you very much. They were the first people you would expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious.

Mr. Wayne Julier was the owner of a small shop called Potions and Enchantments. He invented the most successful candy in the wizarding world, Chocolate Frogs. He was a thin, but strong man, with a nice complexion. Mrs. Jane Julier was too very brittle, with a large collar bone that sticks out more than anyone else's would. The Julier's had a newborn son named Bois, and in there mind there was no cuter baby anywhere in the world.

The Julier's didn't have many items, but could afford it if they wanted it. They lived in a small town in the wizarding world. It was called Oak Alley. It was far away from many things. It was always snowing there, but alas, a town on a mountain peak would have snow presumably.

The town was for elders, and had only few kids. There were three stores in that town only, Dropdown Elves, Alvern Soupery, and Alice Hogsnort. Dropdown Elves was a house elf store, for older Elves. Alvern Soupery was the only market place within miles of the town, and Alice Hogsnort was nothing more than material things store. All in all the Julier's lived here, because it was safe, and a calm town. Until The Murders developed.

Deep under the village was a small cavern, known only to a few it was a secret hut for meetings. Every Thursday night, broomsticks and black smoke would fly around the town, and then into the cavern. Nobody ever noticed any of it, because the wizard world was supposedly at peace. But one fall night when the Julier's were driving home from the hospital, to deliver there newborn boy home, they saw it.

One stream of smoke surrounded the car. The baby was crying, and Mrs. Julier was as well. Spells were being cast from the smoke to the car, breaking windows, and harming the Juliers. Finally Mr. Julier, took his wand and cast a powerful charm towards the smoke, which then vaporized.

That night the Julier's took many precautions. They sheltered themselves from the world by boarding there windows and doors shut. They would only leave the house to buy rations of food and water. Whenever Bois would cry the parents would take him to the basement so that nobody could hear him. The papers would pile up on the doorstep. The mailbox wouldn’t shut because of how full it had gotten, and the house grew old and tired. The yard turned barren, the house itself was falling apart. The neighbors had thought that they had left the village, but they were still there. Quietly escaping there lives.

The next Sunday morning Mr. Julier would step outside quickly to get the mail and papers, and return to the house. The headlines were gruesome.


Thursday night marked a terrible tragedy that will be remembered always. Twelve unfortunate souls were found dead in Oak Alley last night. The murderer was no more than Voldemort and his regretful crew of Death Eaters.

One man found dead at Pillowing Park was eighty year old Alvern Schanka, owner of Alvern Soupery. But when checked he had the dark mark etched into his flesh.

The second one found dead that very night was young Flipe Jorg. A young graduate of Hogwarts, killed by an enchantment of dark magic as well.

Third wizard found dead was the elusive Jonna Parkers. Parkers was found in a small alleyway between The Witch Condo's and Boiling Burt's Home.

Fourth dead was the witch Yanke Kola. She was cooking at home when she was murdered. After the kill, the stove set the home on fire and burned her body with it. The corpse was discovered under the ashes, and debris of the home.

Fifth, sixth, and seventh dead were the Julier family. Driving home from the hospital to deliver their newborn baby home for the first time ever when their car was attacked by three death eaters. The bodies were never found and were apparently taken by the attackers.

Mr and Mrs Julier turned panick sticken to their son, who was asleep in his crib. “We need to move,” said Mrs. Julier. “The town has been taken over by death eaters within the past week, and our son is in danger here. Wayne, this town is too dangerous.”

“But Jane, we can't just leave. They think were dead!” said Mr. Julier. “And the whole world probably thinks we're dead too. Leaving would be too shocking. If they learned that were alive, it would give the Ministry a perfect chance to tell everyone that the attacks were just a fluke. The world must believe that we're dead.”

But when the Juliers had finished reading the weekly news they had to read their mail as well. The mail was stacked as tall as three small books. And almost all of the mail came from the same address.

Mr. and Mrs. Julier,

It has come to inform us that you are in grave danger. And from who you may ask? (or already know), but yes it is from us. My name is Bellatrix Lestrange and it has come to my attention that your family is as pure as the wizard blood can get. My Lord has told me to send your family invitation letters to join us, the death eaters. Say yes and you will enjoy a world of your own, were mudbloods and muggles would cease to exist.

Of course saying no would lead you to a world of death, or slavery. But there is a third option. Give us your boy, and we will raise him. We will take him under our wing. We will allow you to survive and live. You have three days to ponder the question. We are watching you Juliers. And we will be coming soon, let's hope you will have made up your mind by then. You have until 3:00.

Sincerely your loving friend,
Bellatrix Lestrange. (For more of this story visit

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Thanks, Harry.

by Bea Evans.
(Recife, Brazil.)

I was around four years old when Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone was released in Brazil. My mother took me to watch it for the first time. It was magical. Since then, Harry Potter has been a huge part of who I am today.

I'm fourteen years old and I don't how I would be without Jo's creation. It means the world to me. Growing up with Harry Potter gave me the best role model a girl could ask for. I'm not talking about Hermione or Luna, even though they're both amazing and have taught me a lot, I am talking about Lily Evans-Potter. That's right, Harry's mum. Ever since I read OotP, she's my favourite character. Every single day I try to be as brave and wonderful as she was.

The series was there for me in the best and worst moments of my life. When my parents got divorced, when my grandma died, when I was lonely at my new school... And every time I'm sad, all I do is read Harry Potter and everything gets better. It is a world where I go when my world is falling apart.

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix. When I read it for the first time, I was having suicidal thoughts, and I was feeling awful, but the book made everything better for me. I don't have words to describe how thankful I am for that.

I also made incredible friends in the Harry Potter fandom, people that will be with me for a long, long time.

Thanks for being part of how I am, Harry. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Harry Potter Will Live On

by Sarah
(Appleton, WI, USA)

The first thing you should know about me is that when I like something a lot, I become obsessed with it. I'm a very "clingy" sort of person.

My dad introduced me to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when I was eight, and I fell in love with it, devouring the books as fast as I possibly could. I enjoyed the movies just as much, but for a while, that was it. It was just something to read or watch every few weeks to entertain myself.

Then, I graduated from 8th grade, and maybe it wasn't as big of a deal as I made it out to be, but I knew that I was losing a very close bond with my five best friends. Not to mention, my other best friend stabbed my in the back, so I went through a really tough time. I was depressed. There is no other word for it.

Then one night, I picked up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I started reading it again, and I found myself loving it even more. It was different this time because it felt like Harry, Ron and Hermione were there for me when I needed them most.

From then on, I became obsessed. Harry Potter was all I talked about. I dreamed of days spent with the characters and the actors. I created two Harry Potter pages on Facebook. I became a huge Ron and Hermione shipper, and wrote a ton of fan fiction, which you can find here:

and here:

I bought so many posters, I don't even have room for them, and I developed a huge crush on Rupert Grint. I also have two Hermione wands.
When Part 2 came out in theaters, I saw it six times. It was everything I could have hoped for, but it was a sad ending. I felt like a part of me had died. It was over; there wouldn't be any more books or movies.

That was when I began writing fan fiction. I was able to keep going to Hogwarts and spending time with the three of them.

Currently, I'm not as obsessed as I used to be. The Avengers has momentarily distracted me with its awesomeness. But I still cry at least five times during Part 2, and I still cheer when Ron and Hermione kiss. I still love the books and the movies. Harry Potter still gets me through hard times; he still inspires me; he still makes me laugh and cry and smile.

Harry Potter saved my life, and nothing will change that. Nothing else will be able to keep it out of sight.

Harry Potter will live on.

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by casper14

When I was 9 I started reading Harry Potter and the philosophers stone. It was on the bookshelf in my class room and when we did silent reading it was the book I would always choose.

I had seen the first four potter movies but never read the books. I really got into the story and realized the books were great!

So I started on Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets and kept going. When I had finished I was a massive Harry Potter fan, I knew everything about them and I realized how rubbish the movies were, but I still loved to watch them because they were HP related.

I cried in the last movie, and Harry Potter will never die to me. I'll make my kids read it!

Hey Caspar14!

Thanks for your excellent Harry Potter story. I really hope you're right in terms of Harry Potter being around forever. I'm pretty sure we'll see it up there over the years with other books because both children and adults can get into them. There's literally something in there for everyone.

I can't agree with you about the movies "being rubbish" but that's the good thing about this site is that everyone can have their say - as long as it's reasonable discussion :))

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

P.S. Great idea, maybe we should ALL make our children read them and Harry Potter will be around for ever. Perhaps the government will make it compulsory! :))

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I love Harry Potter

by Amelia Isabel

This is me dressing up as Hermione when I was about 10 years old for world book day at my school.

This is me dressing up as Hermione when I was about 10 years old for world book day at my school.

The Harry Potter books and films have been around me all me life and they meant so much to me. The first book was released when I was one year's old and the film was released when I was four. I remember watching part of it and feeling the thrill and wanting to watch the rest.

Since then I watched all the films when they came out and when I was ten I started reading the books. I did see a difference between book and film, but that made me more of a fan. Since the beginning my favourite character was Ron because he's funny and a bit of a wimp like me so that's probably why I always thought he was awesome, I still do only now I think he's gorgeous as well.

When I was little I used to dress up as Hermione and always crimped my hair, trying to be her and I had my heart set on getting a letter from Hogwarts one day.

I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter and I get the chills whenever I think about the fact that there won't be another book or film. I've read every book, watched every film multiple times and I often quote it by accident! I have watched so many parodies of Harry Potter I've lost count, but I just love everything to do with H.P. and why not, so do a lot of people.

Some of my friends say I'm over obsessed with Harry Potter and they're probably right, I even hosted a mini Harry Potter party; We had Tonks, Ginny, Hermione and Muggles, played Harry Potter music from a pre bought CD and played a Harry Potter game and watched the fourth and seventh films. I wanted to dress up as Ron, but I couldn't find a ginger wig or guy clothes so we settled for a girls night in!


When I was reading the final Harry Potter book, I hardly stopped crying, it was so sad. I actually jumped and screamed "NO!!!!!!" when Fred died and the book is now officially covered in mascara stains. I couldn't believe that J.K. had killed Fred and then I heard that it had been a choice between him and Arthur Weasley and I couldn't decide which would have been worse.

I also cried when Dobby died, he was so adorable and sweet and in the film he had little boories on and I was utterly choked up from the moment he appeared. I also almost flooded the cinema when Snape died, I had a friend who doesn't read so she still thought that Snape was a traitor and she asked me "Why are you crying?" and I told her that she'd find out soon enough and then she did cry. Poor Snape!


My favourite film in probably the "Prisoner of Askaban", I'm not sure why, but I know it is, but I still love every single one. My least favourite film was the "Order of the Phoenix" because it was so inaccurate, but I've grown to love it even though. My second favourite is a tie between the "Goblet of Fire" and the "Philosopher's Stone" because in the "Goblet of Fire" the boys look hilarious and it was a darkest one when it came out and the "Philosopher's Stone" because it was all new to THEM as well as US.

My favourite book is the "DEATHLY HALLOWS" because everything is concluded,


Ron and Hermione finally get together and I love how it ended in practically the same place it started


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From the beginning - a boy who fell in love with a world that did not exist...

by Anand Subramaniam
(Wembley, London, UK)

When I was 6 it began for me. There I was just about started school when my mum goes out and buys a copy of Philosopher's Stone. She read me pages from it every night for 2 months til she got tired of reading it.

I decided that the story was too interesting to give up. I picked up the my first novel ever and read it completely at the age of 6. My first real book. My prized possesion, my portal to another world of fantasy and magic. I completed the book within the week, barely let it down to let the pages rest on top of each other.

I still remember the very moment when my heart leapt out of my chest when I found out that Professor Quirrell was the one who so badly wanted Harry's blood. Wow. My mind was blown away by the story. JK Rowling is not an author, I thought. She was a magician. Only a magician could coujure such a spell which would immerse you into a book so much.

And then came the sequels. Ohh, the joy! Everywhere I went I would take a Harry Potter book with me, even if it was to go out of London for the day. I would always have a copy. Without Harry Potter, the world would not be the same. Now that I look back at the now old, aged yellow pages of my collection, I think of the journey that I walked on with Harry and his friends. 12 years later since I picked up my first real book, I feel sorrowful that it is over too soon.

My childhood was so strongly based on this world that Rowling had created. So I would like to say "Thank you" Ms Rowling, for without her, we would never have had the magical, wonderous world of Harry Potter... :)

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Where is my Hogwarts letter???!!!

by Taylah
(Sydney, N.S.W Austraila)

For ages I had only heard of Harry Potter because of my mum. But I never read the books until my Year 3 where my teacher Mr Trevor Maurice started reading them to the class. And I got quickly annoyed that we only read one chapter a day!

So I asked my mum to borrow them and the Potter books bewitched me. I could hardly put the book down then my mum told me about the movies and I screamed my head off.

Then I pushed my brother of the couch! And took control of the remote, then I played the 1st Harry Potter! Ever since Year 3 I have been crazy about Harry Potter!

I wonder if J.K Rolling writes about Albus Potter I hope she does.

My mum says she turned me into a freak!

Hey Taylah!

It's your Year 3 teacher here! :)) I'm sorry I could only read 1 chapter per day. If I didn't have one million other things to do we would have read them all day!

I love the part in your story where you wrote...

"...and the Potter books bewitched me."

It made me laugh and made me proud that you'd use such language in such a perfect way as related to the Harry Potter series - well done!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

P.S. It may amuse you to know if you're reading this that it was indeed Taylah's mother, Paula, who was the "cheeky mother" I referred to in the "Your Harry Potter Story Page" video who photo-shopped my image to make me look like Dumbledore on a birthday card they made me.

Why cheeky? 500th Birthday indeed! I don't look a day over 499!!!

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

by Ayla
(NSW, Australia)

I LOVE Harry Potter! I have always been a big fan!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Book:
When I heard that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was coming out I screamed my head off!

I pleaded with my mum to get the book (my mum is also a big fan!). One day my mum eventually got the book and I was so HaPpY!

My mum couldn't get me away from it! We would read it every night. Eventually we were so close to finishing and my mum finished the book without ME!!! It was unfair! I did finally finish it though.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Movie:
I think that the movie was FANTASTIC! My favorite moments in the movie were when Professor McGonagall said... "I always wanted to use that spell!" I cried when Dobby died and when one of the twins died. It was a great movie. I recommend Harry Potter to all!

In the mean time hope all your spells are good ones!

By Ayla

Great story Ayla! It seems that most people really have an attachment to Dobby. It was a sad moment though and I felt for him and especially Harry as he realized he couldn't do anything and Dobby was, in fact, dying.

And what a cheeky mother you have! :)) Imaging reading the story before you. She owes you now!

McGonagall was funny too. A lot of people in the theater laughed when she said that and it was good to see her character finally get to say something that was truly funny. I think everyone felt a little closer to her at that moment and embraced her more than in any other Harry Potter movie.

Thanks for your great post! I hope you keep coming back to read all in the other posts in the future.

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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My Perfect Childhood

by Ruth Casey

I remember being took to the cinema for every Harry Potter film. I didn't love it all back then, just liked it. But then when I was about 9 I decided to read the books so that was when all the films were out apart from Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows.

As soon as chapter 1 I immediately entered a world that I could call home. The books were, or rather are, amazing and are the best I'd ever read and I regret not having read them before.

Ever since then I have been a hardcore Potter fan and I collect all the merchandise and posters. In fact, anything to do with Harry Potter or says Harry Potter on it, I will buy it.

I am a self confessed Harry Potter nerd. I cried during Deathly Hallows Part 2 at the Prince's tale because I can relate to it as, like Snape, there is someone in my life I have always loved from the first time I saw him. I have been to the wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and as soon as I was inside I felt at home, where I felt that I truly belonged there.

But it's not always good...

Since quite a lot of people know about my Harry Potter obsession I tend to get called the Harry Potter freak or just freak, whatever. I get bullied because of it and I was ill in hospital with appendicitis on the night of Deathly Hallows premiere so I couldn't go and I couldn't go to the midnight screening of Deathly Hallows because I was ill then too.

Even after July 15th the magic hasn't ended and never will, Harry Potter is forever in my heart and made my childhood complete...<3

long live the greatest story of all time ...<3

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One with their feelings...

by Reggy

Well, to begin with I am not that old, I am only 17 but I feel like I grew up with the Harry Potter movies. There has been almost 11 years since the first movie. I was the same age as the characters of Harry Potter and I was feeling like a part of them.

I was imagining myself like another witch playing an important role in the whole story. Every year I was waiting for the next movie and I was thinking about what could possibly happen next!!

I really loved to do this and I kept doing it till the happy end. Strangely, I hadn’t been reading the books. The fact that I was a little child makes me think that I wasn’t really interested in books. But three to four years ago I suddenly found the 5th book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix under my sister´s bed inside a box. I thought that wasn’t too late to begin reading all the books and that’s how I became addicted, not only to the movies but to the books too, especially to the last one - The Deathly Hallows book.

That book was amazing and really touching. All these deaths, even if they are in a book, made me think that even if life takes away people we love there is always a reason for that. And they never really leave us; they are always next to us. I strongly believe that the most important thing that the movies of Harry Potter teach us is friendship. Yeah, I know that may sound common but it is so different at the same time. These three people, Harry, Hermione and Ron, have been together so many years and they had came through so many tough and strange situations and that makes me feel that if they can do that then everybody can.

Even if this is a story, it is a story that can actually show the right way, the bright side of everything. So, that is how Harry Potter helped me go through all these difficulties that I faced while I didn’t have faith in me and I was down. And when I felt that it was better for me to leave everything behind.

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thanks dad

by Abi
(Northern Ireland)

I dont only have jk rowling to thank for my magical childhood, my dad played a role in that as well. When I was too young to read, my dad would read to me and my brother Harry Potter for a bed time story.

He read them all up to Half Blood Prince but by the time Deathly Hallows came out I could read for myself. He has lost interest in them and hasn't read DH.

Without my dad's patience for reading them to me I wouldn't have had a magical childhood!

So thanks dad!:)

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Once Upon a Time... Pop!

by Kayla West

Well to begin, in school I hated reading! At least on my own. Until one day a friend of mine brought the first Harry Potter book to school to read to us at recess. I was instantly in love!

I asked my mom to buy me a book for the first time! She was so surprised with my request that she had to make sure. She said I had better read it or she'll never buy me a book again. No worries there. I read it over and over, we read it together first, and this is where my love of reading blossomed into a beautiful flower.

From there I became passionate about the characters I loved and read about, and always daydreamed of adventures they would go on, and what if I could be with them?! Oh what a wonderful adventure that would be.

I was then introduced to Lord of the Rings, which I rejected at first because my friends told me it was better than Harry Potter. Well nothing's better. But they were different. I've now read many different types of fantasy series and enjoyed my different authors and writing styles that I was now formulating a story of my own.

It seeded during my Grade 10 year when our English teacher asked us to come up with a plan for a short story and write it. Well of course my plot plan was much too complex but she wanted me to pursue it, and said I could write the first chapter. And so I did.

She loved it and read it to the class! I was thrilled! So I continued to write my story as the years have gone by. I developed my writing based on all my favourite authors, including, Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Paolini and Robert Jordan and many more. I just don't have the time now to read everything that I would like to.

One day though I will have a library, with Harry Potter in a glass case and a novel of my own on the book store shelves. Harry Potter has introduced me to a world of fun, adventure, magic and happiness and puzzles. I love it! Its changed my life!!!!

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by Kendall and Chloe
(Raleigh, NC, united Sates)

When I first heard about Harry potter, I did NOT want to be a part of it... I just hated the stupid. Idea!! Finally, my mom forced me to read the first book, when I agreed, I fell in love, I saw the last movie at midnight with my bfffffffff Chloe, we got fake wands and drew scars on our heads and I wore glasses!! It was so much fun (:

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How Harry Potter impacted My Life

by Chelsey Schlough

Harry Potter Fan Always

Harry Potter Fan Always

To say I'm a huge Harry Potter fan would be an understatement. I entered into this wonderful fandom not all that long ago and though I entered into Harry's world a bit late I am in no way less of a fan as those people who were fans from the very beginning.

My love of Harry Potter, which quickly turned into an obsession began when my cousin persuaded me to watch the films. I borrowed the first six films from him and instantly loved them.

Since then I now have seen all eight films and own them all. I have read the books as well and absolutely love them. I am working on getting my own copies of the books as I only borrowed them to read. Harry Potter has impacted my life so much. I have made so many friends through this fandom, friends I consider family.

When I have a rough day I go on Facebook and I host a quiz on the Harry Potter pages and groups I manage or I do some Harry Potter roleplay and I forget about the days events.

Harry Potter has impacted my life greatly and I will always be greateful to J.K Rowling for that. Harry Potter helped me meet some of the most amazing people I have ever met. It taught me lessons I won't forget.

I firmly believe that no matter how old I get I will always love Harry Potter and be obsessed with it. I will be a Harry Potter fan forever and always.

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Harry potter is life

by Akansha Sood
(Delhi India )

Harry Potter by the one and only J.K. Rowling has been a part of my life since 2000 when the first ever picture of Harry Potter was released.

It has become a special part of me ever since. I love Harry, Ron, and Hermione, they are a great trio!

They are life. Their friendship sparkles. They are love.

Besides them, I love the one and only headmaster of the great magical school - Albus Dumbledore!

I also love Luna Lovegood good and Professor Snape.

Harry Potter brings out the life in me. I have just recently purchased the book of Harry Potter to read and I must say the movies are different from the novels and now I'm a geek for Harry Potter even more!

Harry Potter is just love. You can't define Harry Potter the boy who lived.

Voldemort, the perfect villain, he who must not be named.

And Umbridge - Ugh! I hate her! No words to describe her.

And I hate the Dursley's, they are a piece of s@#t!

How can I forget Hagrid? I just love that giant. Honestly, I have Harry Potter merchandise and I just love it.

I have tees, a necklace, platform tickets, books, etc.

J.K. Rowling is the best! I just love her for her work on Harry Potter, The Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts, etc.

She is just a great author. I love Harry Potter and the entire series/novels.

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Is it really just a story?

by Imogen
(Ramsgate, Kent, England)

I never was a fan of Harry Potter when I was little. It never really struck my mind of how many wonderful adventures I could have had if I was in the world of Harry Potter.

But then one day I decided to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, it was magical like none other I've read before. I carried on reading the other six books and by the end I was lost in the magic of Harry Potter.

I knew really that it was just a story like all the others but inside I knew it was something much more different, something that changed my life forever and was I really willing to let that all go?

No of course not although Harry Potter finished I still believe that there is a part in me that lives on and will always be there!

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Harry Potter is AWESOME!!

by Clare

Well I think Harry Potter is AWESOME!!!

I think how Hermione has to leave her parents is sooooooo sad she had to put a spell on them and the music was emotional. It didn't make me cry OK I need to be made me cry for hours!!!

My favorite character is ... is ... is ... is!!!!!!!!!


What I like about Luna is her cool glasses and I love the voice. At my school we always do a book parade and I'm going to dress as Luna ha! ha! ha!

Another good character is Neville Longbottom he is a great actor and he is so funny. ha! ha! ha!

I hope you have enjoyed what I have said and thank-You!

From Clare

Hey Clare,

Mr M. here. Thanks for your wonderful post and you're right on all count:

1. Harry Potter is awesome...

2. Luna is wonderful...

3. Neville is funny...

I also think it's a great idea to go to the book parade as Luna, you'll be a hit! I must admit at this point that I know Clare and I'll be looking forward to seeing you as Luna next year!

Well, thanks again Clare for your excellent post and I'm sure people will love it :))

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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An Extraordinary End

by Zali Radford

The Harry Potter series has meant a lot to me because I got to learn about Hogwarts and how Harry's parents died and how Harry is a hero.

The Harry Potter series has changed my life because it helped me to realise that adventure is everything.

In the finale Harry dies but comes back to life.
He, Hermione and Ron destroy all Voldemorts Horcruxes and Harry ends up killing Voldemort for good.

Hey Zali,

Trevor M. here. Thanks for your post! It is strange but cool how Harry comes back to life. For those that don't understand it, it is explained here as...

How does Harry Potter come back to life in 'The Deathly Hallows'?

Harry Potter never came back to life because he never truly died. Harry was in a sort of limbo area where he was given the choice to go back and finish Voldemort or to die.

Harry was given this choice because Voldemort accidentally made Harry a Horcrux when he cast the killing curse at him when he was a baby. When Harry gave himself over to Voldemort with he intention of dying Voldemort killed the part of Harry inside of him.

When Voldemort took Harry's blood to get his body back he created a rope between life and death. This selfish act, along with being a Horcrux and owning all three Hallows, allowed Harry to return and fight.

Read more:

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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Un adulto enamorado de la saga de Harry Potter

by Juanvi Vayá Climent
(Alzira (España))

Harry Potter se casa con Ginny Weasley

Harry Potter se casa con Ginny Weasley

Hace 12 años cuaano ví los primeros trailers en Youtube acerca de la posible saga que se acercaba, me fue maravillando, entonce puse en marcha la maquinaria para hacer un blog como Harrypotteros y de esta forma estar siempre al día de todo cuanto ocurría, compré libros, películas, fuí fanático y arrastré con ello a mi mujer, sobrinos y familiares. Hoy en día me siguen fascinando todavía mucho

Translated to English as:

12 years ago I saw the first trailers about the possible saga approaching. I was marveling, I launched a blog like Harry Potter and thus stay up to date with everything that happened. I bought books, movies, I was fanatical and thus dragged my wife, nephews and relatives. Today I still continue to be fascinated by Harry Potter.

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When I didn't get my letter!

by Bella

I love Harry Potter! The books are fabulous, and the movies are OK. I first heard about Harry when my mom was talking about the books with a friend, asking if she had read them and if they were good.

The friend responded that Harry Potter was "Of the Devil, full of Witch Craft and Evil." She also gave us a movie explaining WHY Harry Potter was bad. Needless to say, we never watched it.

My mom did decide, though, that she would MAKE SURE that the books were ok, and read all seven OUT LOUD to me and my sisters. We got to spend a lot of time together and had fun untangling the mystery of Snape's past. Mom was convinced from the start that he was a good dude.

My favorite character is Tonks. She is funny, and I love the way she can change her appearance at will. It would be so handy for Halloween, my favorite holiday. :)

My favorite book(s) are the third and fifth, The Prisoner of Azkaban & the Order of The Phoenix. These books simply made my passion for reading all the stronger, I've always loved to read, and can read up to 7 chapter books a week, if I want.

When I'm depressed, reading my favorite bits in the books always makes me feel better. I like the quidditch matches and the bits with the Room of Requirement the best. I also like it when Pro. Umbridge is dragged off by the Centaurs in book 5. That was very satisfying.

I have cried when I've read, when my favorite characters have died, and I found Sirius's death much sadder than Dumbledore's. I have also felt extreme triumph when the characters overcome Voldemort in any way, shape or form. "We did it, We beat them, Wee Potty's the one. Now Voldys gone Moldy, So now let’s have fun!" Go Peeves!

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Harry potter's my life saver!

by Hamoonga Michelo
(Northren Ireand- Bangor-co down)

I was never much of a reader, but after I started going to secondary school I was getting racially bullied and I didn't have any friends to talk to so everyday when I came home I took my cd player out and listened to Harry Potter audio books. They made me laugh, sing and cry while there were problems at home.

My favorite characters would be everyone in the books but to be specific: FRED & GEORGE WEASLEY
(clears throat-sorry).

My FAVORITE book of all time would be the Prisoner of Azkaban because I have a huge crush on Sirius and Lupin (drools-sorry again)

Harry Potter changed my view on reading because it now helps me to relax and gave me an A-A* in my English GCSE (not sure what I have yet though I know I have an A).

The books have brought me closer to my family because I came to realise that life is too short for being moody. It's there to have fun and live life! The series has definitely helped me in troubled times and good times.

How I am going to miss the Harry Potter books, though I will always read them :)


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How I loved Potter

by Hannah Bander
(New York)

For years I would never read Harry Potter. When I was a little kid, my biggest goal in life was to create a book series that would be more popular and successful then the Potter books. I don't know what ticked me off about them, I never read them and I've always liked magic and adventure.

Maybe it was the fact that everyone loved them that I didn't read them. Throughout my elementary grades I absolutely despised them. The kids in my class at school would have a Harry Potter club, and I just could not understand what all the hype was about. When my classmates told me what they were doing I simply rolled my eyes and said 'oh' in a rude tone.

When I reached sixth grade, I finally sat down and read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I absolutely loved it. But just how Aunt Petunia wanted to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a child when Lily got her letter, but the many, many years of pretending being normal was the good way to be as an adult, she stared to believe it.

So after all the years of hating the Potter series, even after I read the book, I just couldn't let all my years of hatred go. So throughout sixth grade I continued to (now pretend) hate Harry Potter, now with a reason saying I tried and failed to like the books.

After the summer I sort of forgot all about Potter as my hatred for them decreased, and it stayed that way through all of seventh and most of eighth grade. During the last couple of weeks of eighth grade before summer started, my brother who was almost eight read the first Harry Potter book. He loved it so much and wanted to watch the movie. So when he watched it so did I.

Even though I didn't care for the books, I still hadn't seen it from my attempt to read the Sorcerer's Stone from years earlier. Anyway, how bad could a movie be? Well, watching that movie turned my attitude completely around. I was really intrigued, so having read the first book and having just seen the first movie, I decided to read the Chamber of Secrets. I read that in one day, and LOVED it.

By now it was that two weeks after school ends and before camp starts. So I read Harry Potter from morning until night every day. So after Chamber of Secrets I went on to Prisoner of Azkaban, seeing the movies for the books along the way. In just two weeks, I had read the whole Harry Potter Series from front to back. I was obsessed. And this time I didn’t hide it.

I was really looking forward towards Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. And now, I've read the whole series three times.

For me, the Potter series is more than just books, it's a genius work of art. Everything ties in together so nicely and all is complicated but makes perfect sense. Potter is amazing, and all the credit really goes to the person behind it, J.K Rowling.

Without her, there is no Harry, and without Harry there isn't anything. My favorite part about the books is probably the Hogwarts houses. They have helped me realize who I am, and helped get to know myself better. Just by taking sorting hat quizzes, I know who I am. I know it sounds silly that something from a book can do that, but my friends have taken sorting hat quizzes too, and I was surprised to hear how many questions they said 'I don't know' to. They didn't know themselves.

I consider myself a Gryffindor, and whenever if ever I feel scared (yes, Gryffindors feel scared to sometimes) I tell myself that I am a Gryffindor, and that helps me feel stronger. Without Harry Potter, my life really would be different. I don't think I would be as aware of myself, and one thing's for sure, the whole world would be missing out on a super duper awesome series of books and movies, and really a thousand times more stuff than that.

I consider myself an expert on Harry Potter. Anyone who hasn't read Harry Potter doesn't know what they're missing. Even though I've only been reading and involved in Harry Potter for a few months, I feel connected, like I've been reading them my whole life, because that's the power of Potter.

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Saving me from Myself

by Sinder
(United States)

Growing up, I was afraid of most things and had never extended a hand to the then terrifying world of wizards. The sight of Fluffy and a dementor (when I didn't know their names) scared me out of my wits when I was younger.

After much convincing from a very dear friend, the fall I turned eleven, I started to read about Harry. The story was surprisingly not scary, but witty, adventurous, and profound. The writing was beautiful and the word choice was clever.

As most Harry Potter fans do, I battered my poor copy of Sorcerer's Stone, leaving a billion spine lines and creases in the paperback book. As the secrets untied themselves, they also untied a new world and thought process. Within eight months, I was finished with the books. It only took that long because I didn't want the amazing curve balls and secrets of the stories to end. But as all good things do, it did.

Reading this amazing series helped me greatly to grow up. I learned valuable lessons from Harry and I loathed Twilight for quite a while instead of becoming one of those awful brain dead fangirls. My thought process became much deeper and I stopped making my existence depend on buying clothes from preppie stores and listening to meaningless music.

I realized that I really hated everything about myself and decided to become a real person, and that I needed to stop being selfish and stupid.

Thank you, Harry, for changing my life for the better, giving me a great story and even some nightmares, and saving us from You-No-Poo

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Travelling from Movies To Book...

by Vishal Raut

I have watched all the Harry Potter movies way before I read the books.

It occurred to me that I should give it a chance and read the books of Harry Potter after all.

Before starting the books, I used to think, as I have watched all the parts of the movie, it will not be very exciting.

But when I started reading the first book it was totally awesome!

It was a great experience, even though I knew the storyline, the book would still give me a thrill while reading it.

All the details in the book engage the reader SO much that you forget that you know the story already.

I started reading the books in the first year of my graduation and now, presently, I am in my fourth year and have completed five parts of the series.

And I currently started reading the 6th part of the series i.e. the Half-Blood Prince.

I would recommend these books to all Harry Potter fans, even though they have watched the movie because, believe me, it will still make you happy!

Best wishes from Vishal Raut.

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Tell everyone how YOU got into the Harry Potter series of books and movies. What is YOUR unique story?