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Nice tattoo :)
by: Sinder

I'm almost fifteen so I didn't grow with them either. Great story and how do you already have a tattoo? It's beautiful by the way. I love Neville too! It's awesome that you're getting a Ravenclaw room. I feel like I'm a Ravenclaw. But when my room got redesigned it was the summer before I got into HP so... sadness.

I like your puns!
by: Trevor M.

Hey Joy!

Trevor M. here. Thanks for making a great post to this site. I see you have a flair for puns...

"mock me if you will... Neville, I'm sirius..."

Very funny!

I must say your tattoo is pretty good also. My
God-Daughter Natasha, who helps me with the site, is right into them. Her older sister used to work in a tattoo shop here in Australia so she knows all about them. I bet she'd like yours.

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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