The Polyjuice Potions Challenge

'Liquid Luck' Potions Quote: “Trust me, I know what I'm doing... or at least, Felix does.” — Harry Potter after drinking 'Felix Felicis' for the first time

With this Polyjuice Potions challenge you can find out just who was in the YouTube video.

But please - NO CHEATING! :))

You must watch the video first BEFORE you look at the answers further down the page.

Here's the video...

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So here are the answers (You have watched the video first...haven't you?)...

#1 - Alan Rickman:

Plays Severus Snape, the seemingly conniving, scowling even dangerous former Death Eater and head of Slytherin House.

He is, in fact, a brave and courageous "double agent", who puts his life at risk and pays the ultimate price - his life!

We find out this former Potions Master is indeed driven by his love of the deceased Lily Potter.

#2 - Bill Nighy:

Plays Rufus Scrimgeour, the ever serious and dramatic replacement for Cornelius Fudge as head of the Ministry of Magic.

Whenever I see him, however, I can't get the image of him as Davy Jones, with all those tentacles hanging off him, in the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies.

Perhaps he needs a double dose of the polyjuice potions to keep those tentacles at bay! :))

#3 - Bonnie Wright:

Plays Ginny Weasley, who has been with the Harry Potter series (as no doubt you know) since the very beginning.

She transforms, without the use of any potions I might add, from a young, almost awkward child to a beautiful and beguiling young woman, especially for Harry Potter.

#4 - Brendon Gleeson:

Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody.

The gruff exterior fools no one as we know deep down he is a real "softie" and overtly loyal.

He too pays the ultimate price when he draws fire from the Death Eaters all so Harry Potter can make good his escape.

#5 - Daniel Radcliffe:

Plays Harry Potter.

Is there any more that needs saying, except that he did such a wonderful job right from the start to the very end.

I still am amazed at how "down-to-earth" he remains about his success and what a really great person he is turning out to be.

#6 - David Bradley:

Plays Argus Filch.

Bradley is certainly no "squib" when it comes to acting skills.

He's been around a long time (since the early 1970's) and has delivered many great roles.

#7 - David Tennant:

Plays Barty Crouch Junior.

I found it quite unnerving the see our "good Doctor" in such a nasty role :))

No doubt David enjoyed it though.

It seems many actors love the chance to get to play a real villain. Well he got his wish here.

Great job!

#8 - David Thewlis:

Plays Remus Lupin.

Have you taken your potions tonight?

Oh no! It's a full moon!

Thewlis will probably go down in film history as one of the scariest onscreen werewolves ever - at least to small children.

I remember some small children crying in the theatre when he transformed to a werewolf in Prisoner of Azkaban.

I'll bet that image will stay with them for a long time!

#9 - Emma Thompson:

Plays Professor Sybil Trelawney.

The films didn't really do her part (from the books) much justice as she seemed to be a little one-dimension.

Whereas in the books there was a lot more to her character and a lot more incidents they obviously had no room for in the movies.

#10 - Emma Watson:

Plays Hermione Granger.

Again, is there anything left to say?

This beautiful young woman is cutting a swathe through the modeling world and showing a lot of those shallow and glib models what it's like to be beautiful, yet real, on both the inside and outside.

#11 - Evanna Lynch:

Plays Luna Lovegood.

I suspect this is very many Harry Potter fans most favorite character.

From the time she entered the series until the final scenes in Deathly hallows we were all on her side and admired her strength for dealing calmly with the bullies and offering her friendship and insight with love and kindness.

#12 - Fiona Shaw:

Plays Aunt Petunia Dursley.

She must be a good actress because you feel your blood boiling when she is so unfair and cruel to Harry you want to punch her, and her husband, in the face!

But like David Bradley (above), she's been around for a long time and has delivered some great performances.

#13 - Gary Oldman:

Plays Sirius Black.

He is Daniel Radcliffe's favorite actor and has been around for a long time. I remember him in my youth playing the vampire Dracula way back in 1992.

He was also Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK - boy this guy's got a lot of cred!

No wonder Daniel's so impressed.

#14 - Gemma Jones:

Plays Poppy Pomfrey.

If you want your bones to be re-knitted this is the woman for you but don't think it's going to taste like pumpkin juice.

think I'd rather drink the Polyjuice potions myself!

#15 - Helena Bonham-Carter:

Plays Bellatrix Lestrange.

Another brilliant actor who enjoyed played a deranged and unhinged mental whack job! :))

Seriously though, Helena did a wonderful job as we all know and will live on in both Harry Potter and film immortality.

#16 - Imelda Staunton:

Plays Delores Umbridge.

The "pink-enshrined purveyor of perniciousness" who, on the surface, seemed all smiles and charm, but was in effect an evil hag who "hated children" and strives to keep "order" at any cost.

This character was excellently played by Staunton and excellently written by J.K. Rowling who highlights how such behavior is so ironic and always causes the opposite of what it is supposed to do because it is based on a lie.

#17 - James Phelps:

Fred Weasley.

One of the Weasley twins who cause mayhem and trouble but for all the right reasons.

I love them for what they bring to the films, namely: humor...

"Just trying to diffuse the tension..."

#18 -Jamie Waylett:

Plays Vincent Crabbe.

Jamie must have had so much fun playing this character and the great thing is that he has become one of the anti-hero heroes, if you know what i mean.

Great fun!

#19 - Jason Isaacs:

Plays Lucius Malfoy.

Another fine actor who has been in many great films and has a "penchant" for playing evil bullies :))

Who could forget his portrayal of the brutal Colonel William Tavington in The Patriot?

He really brought a lot to the Harry Potter films but should drink poisonous potions! :).

#20 - Jeff Rawle:

Plays Amos Diggory.

He delivers one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in all of Harry Potter when he realises his son, Cedric Diggory, has been killed.

That scene, no matter how many times I watch it, always brings a lump to my throat and would probably bring a "tear to a glass eye" as they say, as it was so truthfully rendered by Rawle.

I need sleeping potions to put me out of my pain when i hear him scream!

#21 - Jim Broadbent:

Plays Horace Slughorn.

The bumbling, rambling lovable Slughorn who holds the "key" to all of Harry Potter in his hands, or should I say, memory.

This potions master will be the undoing of Voldemort and the restoring of order in all Potterdom!

#22 - John Cleese:

Plays Nearly Headless Nick.

This former Monty Python comedian also had other great roles that live on in film and television eternity, namely: Fawlty Towers.

If you're a bit young and haven't yet seen his previous work I'd suggest you go and have a look at what he has achieved.

A seminal comedic mind for sure. Potions are needed to restore his head if possible!

#23 - John Hurt: Plays

Ollivander the Wand Maker.

Again, I can't look at this actor without seeing his stomach burst open and a little alien emerge covered in blood and gore and with snapping teeth.

Way back in 1979 he was the unfortunate Kane in the first Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver.

That movie scared the hell out of me and I still remember the tag line to this day...

"In space no one can hear you scream."

Of course, he's been in many fine films since including our own Harry Potter series!

Should have had various potions to kill that baby alien!

#24 - Julie Waters:

Plays Molly Weasley.

If I said i remember her in Educating Rita with Michael Caine does that make me old???

Yes, I know, obvious question :))

But it's just another example of actors in Harry Potter that have been around "forever" and who are really talented at their craft.

This is one of the main reasons, I believe, that the Harry Potter movies have been so successful.

Her potions are full of the "milk of human kindness."

#25 - Katie Leung:

Plays Cho Chang.

I can't believe the fuss that was made when this beautiful young woman got the role of Cho all those years ago.

The negative reaction was, however, minor in comparison to the support she received from Potter fans world-wide.

I always found her Asian looks and Scottish accent quite charming and she did a great job with the character too!

I think I've had too many love potions! :)

#26 - Kenneth Branagh:

Plays Gilderoy Lockhart.

This talented actor, known mainly for his fine stage acting, can turn his hand to any role and make it his own.

I'm sure he'll look back at a great career and feel satisfied with the scope and depth of his work and be very pleased indeed.

I want some of his acting skill potions!!!

#27 - Maggie Smith:

Plays Professor Minerva McGonagall.

Another legend actor who has been part and parcel of British stage and film for so many years now.

Needless to say she always distinguishes herself, as she has done in the harry potter series.

#28 - Matthew Lewis:

Plays Neville Longbottom.

Started out as one of the gawky, nerdy characters who becomes an absolute hero who abounds in courage and loyalty.

He reminds me of Peter in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. I think no relation.

But in another little bit of trivia, at least to me, was the fact he recently came to Australia to promote the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and was wearing a South Sydney Rugby League team jumper (the team is owned by no less than Russell Crowe).

Not only is that MY team but one of its famous players in the past had a name called... you guessed it - Longbottom.


Kevin Longbottom playing for Souths in 1968,_no_33,_Longbottom_%E2%80%93_Souths___.html

#29 - Michael Gambon:

Plays Albus Dumbledore.

I love this actor in anything and everything he's been in.

Probably my most favorite, apart from harry Potter, is his rendition of Baltus Van Tassel in Tim Burton's 1999 classic Sleepy Hollow.

He gets his head cut off and it's really cool! :))

There's no way any potions in the world can put that head back on!

#30 - Miriam Margolyes:

Plays Pomona Sprout.

Another one of those legendary actors who have been around forever.

Although she plays only a small part in the Potter films she was, nevertheless unforgettable to most.

#31 - Oliver Phelps:

Plays George Weasley.

See above for Fred Weasley :))

#32 - Ralph Fiennes:

Plays Lord Voldemort.

The arch enemy and villain in the Harry Potter series.

He doesn't look so scary in the above video but his acting ability is beyond question.

He is the ultimate anti-hero to millions of Harry Potter fans for time immemorial now.

#33 - Richard Griffiths:

Plays Vernon Dursley.

Another great actor who's been around forever.

He also has a Sleepy Hollow connection like Michael Gambon as he gets his head removed by the horseman as the character Phillipse.

Again, he was indispensable to the Harry Potter movies.

#34 - Robbie Coltrane:

Plays Rubeus Hagrid.

The ubiquitous Coltrane has delivered many fine performances including his one's as Hagrid.

Indeed, J.K. Rowling saw him as Hagrid from the moment the films were floated as an idea.

#35 - Robert Pattinson:

Plays Cedric Diggory.

Pattinson has gone on to even greater roles, at least in terms of popularity for him, but he'll always be remembered as "our Ced".

#36 - Rupert Grint:

Plays Ron Weasley.

Another of the young brigade destined to become a great actor if he continues with his craft.

Did an amazing job of Ron from a small boy to manhood.

He can be forever proud of his role in Harry Potter.

#37 - Shefali Chowdhury:

Plays Parvati Patil.

One of the Patil 'sisters', this beautiful girl rendered a great performance of Parvati.

It's just a shame she couldn't be in more movie time as she was in the books.

#38 - Stanislav Ianevski:

Plays Viktor Krum.

The "Quidditch Champion" with "sawdust" for brains, according to Mad Eye Moody was indeed very brave and chivalrous to boot.

A small part in the movies overall but a good one.

I'm sure he won a lot of fans.

#39 - Timothy Spall:

Plays Peter Pettigrew.

Another famous English actor who renders great performances, even if he is despicable and truly abhorrent.

I think it really takes a great actor to pull this kind of role off.

#40 - Tom Felton:

Plays Draco Malfoy.

Another of the young brigade who has surprised and pleased all the critics with his fine performances of a brooding, self-absorbed character.

Not easy to do, especially for one so young.

Great work Tom!

#41 - Verne Troyer:

Plays Griphook.

This fine actor has had many great roles in many films.

I always think of his excellent portrayal of the hilariously funny "Mini-Me" in the Austin Powers movies.

Well, there you have it!

Did you get them all right?

If you're a true Harry Potter fanatic I'm sure you did.

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