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I agree
by: Anonymous

I think exactly the same, i believe in magic too and i didn't cry but i was sad when characters died, especially Dumbledore :(

I Relate
by: Anonymous

I love your post so much i completely relate to it I still do believe that my letter got lost and that magic does exist the books themselves are magical and teach you so much. Great Post.

Great Post!
by: Trevor M.

That was a really great, and extensive post Tori, well done!

I found it interesting that it was the cover art that initially caught your attention. I'm not sure if too many Harry Potter fans even know that it was a woman who did the cover art for the books.

Her name is Mary GrandPre and you can see a great interview with her about the Harry Potter artwork here...

I hope many people get to read and respond to your post because it's very good indeed!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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