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Nice story!
by: Anonymous

Oh, thank goodness you weren't obsessed with Twilight because I got into HP around the time Twilight got popular and I just had a big grudge against it that still hasn't quite gone away (that was when I was in 6th grade, now I am in 9th).

You're right Madeline!
by: Trevor M.

Hey Madeline,

Great story, congratulations! I suppose it doesn't matter if you come to the story late as we did there's always time to enjoy it :))

I mean, I was "out" by several generations but it hasn't stopped me, nor will it. I know several teachers I've worked with also took their time to come to the series (probably too many books to read) but they're enjoying it now too.

I still secretly hope J. K. writes another book or two though!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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