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Hi and welcome to our About page. I'm Trevor Maurice and below is my God-Daughter Natasha...

About Us as Harry Potter Fans

Alright! It's an old photo of me - what can I say??? It is The Eldest Wand after all :)) 

I was "hijacked" into Harry Potter by my former primary school students (elementary school to our American friends::))

When I say hijacked I mean they kept pestering me for ages to read some of the Harry Potter books in class. I resisted for so long because initially I couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

When I finally relented it was like a revelation!

Well, the rest, as they say, was history. I'm hooked for life! I think I'm even more annoying now to Natasha than I was before but I think she's jealous because I know more than her about Harry Potter!

Just joking Tash :)) 

I love both the books and the movies and I don't care that I'm older than most Harry Potter fans, hence the title of the site "The-Eldest-Wand".

I though the play on words was kinda cool. 

I've even got some cool social media links (just look right). My latest page in my Instagram one. You can see it here...

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Another thing you might find interesting is how, when we are focused on something it seems to manifest in our lives.

An example of this for me was last year when I went to my mother's place to do some gardening for her and cut myself.

Just a little nick really near my ankle.

It annoyed me for a few days but it wasn't till a little later when it started to heal and I took a closer look at it...

Can you believe it???

But there it is - Harry's scar right on my ankle!

I feel privileged :)

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I'd really appreciate your support!

Kind regards,

Trevor M. 

P.S. Don't forget the main thrust of this site is to make YOUR OWN Harry Potter page and get your own little space on the web that you can show off to your friends and family. You can do that here...

To see the https://www.the-eldest-wand.com/harry-potter-story.html

I thought you might find this funny. This is me photo-shopped as Dumbledore by a parent of one of my students on my birthday.

They did it because they knew I was a Potter fanatic...

Here is J.K. Rowling's website...


(Note: I have NO commercial connection to jkrowling.com)