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A story

by Liberty Baker
(United States)

I was the only kid in my family and my parents loved me and cared a lot even with money tight. It was oblivious that I was adopted by the completely different appearances we have. Me with brown hair that is hard to tame and blue eyes.

Both of my parents were blondes as my mom has green eyes while my dad has brown. Also, height wasn't a big difference. I was only an inch taller.

Knowing my whole life of being adopted never bothered be or knowing my real parents. But those thoughts changed as I grew older strange and unusual events began happening. Different things happened as different emotions stirred in me did weird things.

It never hurt anyone when I was young but being a girl turning older it became worse in the puberty stage at eleven. The strongest emotion I struggle with, and my worst enemy is my anger.

It was the last week of summer break and school was going to start. But I didn't want to go because of how people treated me. I was an outsider with strange things happening to me. People teased me on how my lifestyle was and it wasn't fair because of low money. They also call me a witch with all the things that happen around me.

Tonight, it was just me and mom eating in the car because we couldn't make the latest payment for our apartment so dad was working later again. I wanted to talk to mom about wanting to be homed schooled this year, but the subject wouldn't come up.

Luckily, mom spoke…
"Honey, are you ok? You barely touched your food."

I prodded my food with my spoon then looked up at my mom. I took a deep breath to clear my head and set my spoon down.
"Mom, I need to speak to you. It’s important."

Mom studied me with concern in her eyes. Then nodded.
"I don't want to go to public school this year."
"Honey, we talked about this..."
"I know! You need to work for money! But, I can't handle another year being bullied and maybe…"
Mom huffed angrily and slammed her bowl down.

"Abigail Grace Jane! No is no. We need as much money as possible and me staying here to teach you won't get us money."

Tears began to swell up in my eyes as I looked down. Then mom gentle grabbed my chin and turned my face.
"Look at me. You know I love you."

Without thinking I shoved her hand away and yelled…
"If you loved me then you won't send me to somewhere where I will be hurt!"

Angrily, I opened the car door, jumped out and slammed it. Then the other door slammed shut after mine and a soft hand touched my shoulder. Again, I shoved it away and my anger spilled out.

"Why would you have a child if you can't take care of one! I’m sick and tired of this! I want to be normal! I wish normal things happened to me! I want a normal life! Why can't I have a normal life like everyone else in school?"

My anger felt strong anger powerful as it took control of me. The weather suddenly changed from a nice warm night to windy and thunderous. I didn't know what happened, but the thunder came down striking close to mom. The wind was strong that the car was rocking, and my balance was lost. Everything turned black as I fell to the ground.


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Nice Work!
by: Trevor

Hey, nice work, Liberty! :) Thanks for submitting to The-Eldest-Wand. I hope many people read your story!
Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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