Where is my Hogwarts letter???!!!

by Taylah
(Sydney, N.S.W Austraila)

For ages I had only heard of Harry Potter because of my mum. But I never read the books until my Year 3 where my teacher Mr Trevor Maurice started reading them to the class. And I got quickly annoyed that we only read one chapter a day!

So I asked my mum to borrow them and the Potter books bewitched me. I could hardly put the book down then my mum told me about the movies and I screamed my head off.

Then I pushed my brother of the couch! And took control of the remote, then I played the 1st Harry Potter! Ever since Year 3 I have been crazy about Harry Potter!

I wonder if J.K Rolling writes about Albus Potter I hope she does.

My mum says she turned me into a freak!

Hey Taylah!

It's your Year 3 teacher here! :)) I'm sorry I could only read 1 chapter per day. If I didn't have one million other things to do we would have read them all day!

I love the part in your story where you wrote...

"...and the Potter books bewitched me."

It made me laugh and made me proud that you'd use such language in such a perfect way as related to the Harry Potter series - well done!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

P.S. It may amuse you to know if you're reading this that it was indeed Taylah's mother, Paula, who was the "cheeky mother" I referred to in the "Your Harry Potter Story Page" video who photo-shopped my image to make me look like Dumbledore on a birthday card they made me.

Why cheeky? 500th Birthday indeed! I don't look a day over 499!!!

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by: Me

Yeh! it's fun pushing your brother of the couch

Big fan of HP
by: Sinder

I would push my brother off the couch too... if I had a brother. You made me laugh when you wrote that :).

Professor Maurice
by: Taylah

Yeh! right my mum is so right you look 5000 years old!

I'll get you for that Taylah!!! :)))

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