When I didn't get my letter!

by Bella

I love Harry Potter! The books are fabulous, and the movies are OK. I first heard about Harry when my mom was talking about the books with a friend, asking if she had read them and if they were good.

The friend responded that Harry Potter was "Of the Devil, full of Witch Craft and Evil." She also gave us a movie explaining WHY Harry Potter was bad. Needless to say, we never watched it.

My mom did decide, though, that she would MAKE SURE that the books were ok, and read all seven OUT LOUD to me and my sisters. We got to spend a lot of time together and had fun untangling the mystery of Snape's past. Mom was convinced from the start that he was a good dude.

My favorite character is Tonks. She is funny, and I love the way she can change her appearance at will. It would be so handy for Halloween, my favorite holiday. :)

My favorite book(s) are the third and fifth, The Prisoner of Azkaban & the Order of The Phoenix. These books simply made my passion for reading all the stronger, I've always loved to read, and can read up to 7 chapter books a week, if I want.

When I'm depressed, reading my favorite bits in the books always makes me feel better. I like the quidditch matches and the bits with the Room of Requirement the best. I also like it when Pro. Umbridge is dragged off by the Centaurs in book 5. That was very satisfying.

I have cried when I've read, when my favorite characters have died, and I found Sirius's death much sadder than Dumbledore's. I have also felt extreme triumph when the characters overcome Voldemort in any way, shape or form. "We did it, We beat them, Wee Potty's the one. Now Voldys gone Moldy, So now let’s have fun!" Go Peeves!

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I was upset when I didn't get my letter!
by: Sinder

You made me laugh when you wrote about your mother's friend who thought that Harry Potter was 'of the devil and witchcraft'. I was just turning eleven when I read HP the first time and was wondering for about a year "Maybe my letter's just a few days ...weeks...months...years late."

Great Post Bella!
by: Trevor M.

Hey Bella,

Great post and congratulations! You're the first to post your Harry Potter story on this site, other than Tash but she helps me make the site so she doesn't count :))

Just kidding Tash, you're wonderful :))

The site's only been live for a week or so though so it's only going to get better for us Potter fans.

I can't believe your neighbor! Those sort of people don't know what they're missing out on though. Even the Pope has given the series his blessing so I wish these people would just get over it.

I think you and I are a lot like many Potter fans in the fact that the series, either books or movies tend to cheer us up when when we're feeling down.

Anyway, congratulations again and I hope you come back and visit the site again because there's much more to add in the future :))

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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