What I grew up with?

by Louise

I am 13 and I just about grew up with Harry Potter in my life. I was a 4 year old and me and my mum watched it on a rainy morning because we had nothing to do. My mum before she watched it said it "might not be much", but after she watched it me and her loved it and I’ve loved it ever since!

Hey Louise,
That’s amazing that you were only 4 years old when you saw your first Harry Potter movie! It it were me I’d be really scared. I didn’t see them until I was an adult of course but I’m just glad I did see them 
I suppose now you’ve seen all the movies and read all the books you’ll be looking to the “Pottermore” site for more Harry Potter stuff. Maybe, just maybe J.K. Rowling will concede to write another book or two. Now that would be something!

Thanks for your post & kind regards,
Trevor M.

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