Waiting at the letterbox at the age of eleven. ϟ

by Mollie Myers
(Liverpool, England)

Funny. I remember, at the age of 11, sitting at my letterbox, waiting for an owl to whisk in my letter of acceptance of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. ~


My Dad took me to see the first ever Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone. I remember excitedly watching it, and being scared as hell at the scene where Harry met Voldemort for the first time. This was the day my life was changed. Forever!

I told all my school friends about this wonderful, magical movie I had just seen called Harry Potter, all my school friends were in awe and some went to see it that night, thanks to my telling! From them on, I played Harry Potter in the playground, I was always Hermione. Hermione is a character I can relate to, I have her personality in a sort of way, I still do.

The year after, Chamber Of Secrets finally came out, I begged and begged my Dad to take me, and finally, he gave in and said yes. I'd never been so excited in my entire life. At this age, I wore eye patches because of my poor site and made my Dad buy me a Harry Potter eye patch, so there I was watching Chamber Of Secrets in my Harry Potter eye patch. Thinking back, I'm actually pretty embarrassed. Ha ha.

Another year, Prisoner of Azkaban came out, and I became obsessed. Prisoner Of Azkaban is one the best movies out of the whole Harry Potter Saga (although, each movie is amazing), but this one really stuck to me. This movie was darker, scarier. Yet again, it was my Dad who took me to see it.

The year after that, Goblet Of Fire came out. I remember watching the Triwizard tournament. I was so scared for Harry, especially the Maze challenge, and the bit where the portkey transported to Voldemort...scary as hell! I was sobbing when Cedric died. At the end of the movie, Hermione says, "It's all going to change now...isn't it?" One of my favourite quotes from the movies.

I realized, as soon as Order Of The Phoenix came out, things were getting more serious and scarier. It was much more darker than I expected. Again, my Dad took me to see this one.

I went to see Half Blood Prince twice, as a matter of fact. My first time, was with my Dad. It was one of the best, and Dumbledore's death was so sad! The second time, I went with my Dad, Mum and sister. My Mum and Sister did not enjoy it though. (Don't ask me...they must be crazy!)

This was the year I was dreading. The last ever Harry Potter movie, Deathly Hallows...the end of an era. I remember being depressed, yet excited all year. When the day finally came, July 15th, Midnight, my Dad took me to see Part 1. I was sort of crying before I'd even got in to the cinema, knowing it was all going to end. We sat down, and when the Warner Bros logo came on, I cried.

I watched the movie. Hermione obliviating her parents were sad, and it came up to Dobby's death. That was the end of me. I broke down. The next movie, was Part Two, I was even more of a wreck. I finally realized...this is it. After this; no more movies. It was the best movie ever, despite the fact I was crying my eyes out all the way through. The battle of Hogwarts was magnificent. Fred's death was the worst, considering he was one of my favourite characters.

Then, came the bit at the end, where Harry broke the elder wand, and him, Hermione and Ron walked out of the Hogwarts grounds. I was like "Oh God...here comes even more tears." and yet again, I was crying. Then, came the epilogue. When we finally got to meet the children of Harry and Ginny, Hermione and Ron and Draco and Astoria.

I cried through that too. Then, the credits came on. I cried in my seat, for about 10 minutes, my Dad had to literally drag me out into the car. He looked at me and said "Are you okay?" I said "It's just the fact that it has ended."

I've read the books too, they are just breathtaking, I cried at the end of Deathly Hallows, too. The books are something I've never experienced before. A whole new universe. JK. Rowling is my God.

I think, without the Harry Potter movies, me and my Dad would not be as close as we are now. We saw every Harry Potter movie together, it was our thing. I'm certain he was sad, because we would have nothing to really bond on as much.

I grew up with Harry Potter, you see. It's not just a "fad", it's a lifestyle. It's something that changed my life. Harry, Ron and Hermione were there when no one else was. JK Rowling, I salute and thank you for giving me my childhood, my magical childhood. I couldn't have had a better one. ϟ <3

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Another Positive Influence From Harry Potter
by: Trevor M.

Hey Molly,

It's great to see that Harry Potter has a positive influence beyond the books and movies, namely: relationships.

It sounds as though you've really enjoyed a strong bond with your dad because of Harry Potter and I'll bet there's many people around the world that that's happened to. Go Harry go! :))

And you're also right about JK Rowling giving children a " magical childhood." I wish it was around when I was that young - I'm jealous!

But seriously, it is really cool that all these positive things can happen from one book and movie series. I suppose we wait now with bated breath
to see whether she comes out with another book...and movie! :))

Thanks for your excellent contribution Molly.

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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