The Sorting Bet!!

by Cara/Hedwig
(Hamilton, Scotland)

Well on my 11th birthday I recieved a letter, of course you will know where from. I wasn't surprised because I come from a pure blood family.

I sent an owl to my best friend, Kate, to tell her I got it. We arranged to go into London on the saturday. We had a boring time i already had an owl (salazar) so we never got into the owl/cat/frog/magical creatures shop. Something fun that did happen was that our parents (who all work at the ministry) got called into work.

They left us behind, told us that we had to be home before them. "That doesn't meen we can't take a detour home" I said with a very evil grin on my face.

"Neither it does" Kate said in reply

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I think I am!!"

"Zonko's Joke Shop!" we cried in unison.

We got to Zonko's in minutes, because we had some money left over we decided to stock up on the absolute needs. Filibuster Fireworks, Exploding Beans and many other tricksters. When we had finished there was hardly anything left in the shop.

"I think this should last us through our 1st year" commented Kate. "I think you might be right. I really can't wait till term starts!" I replied.

Term started. Our cases were ready and we were on the train steaming through the country side. As we were talking we couldn't help over hearing the conversation that 3 boys were having. About us!

"I bet 5 galleons those 2 get put into Hufflepuff" said the skinniest and palest off the 3. The other 2 started sniggering. We stood up, turned around to look at them and I said without any doubt in my voice..."Oh really, I think you will find that we will probably be in Sytherin!!"

The pale boy sniggered again and also stood up. "And what makes you say that" he said with a smug grin. "Both my parents and cara's were in syltherine when they were at school" Kate chipped in.

"Well we will just see who is really going to end up where, shall we bet on it?" he said the grin growing. "Bring it on, if we are put in Slytherin you give us 5 galleons each but if we are put elsewhere we will give you 10 galleons.

"Deal!" I said suprising myself at how confident that sounded. "Deal" he said looking slightly worried. "The sorting will begin momentarily" said Professor Mc Gonagall. Kate and I looked to one another then turned to look at the 3 boys, all of whom looked a bit worried.

"You may all come in now, follow me and line up along the front of the hall. When I call out your name sit on the stool and I will place the sorting hat on your head" said Professor McGonagall with a stern look on her face. We waited for ages but all 3 boys got put into Slytherin. There were only 2 spaces left in Slytherin.

The hat called Kate's name and she sat on the stool - "SLYTHERIN" called out the hat. Then came my name. Before the hat even got a chance to touch my head it shouted "SLYTHERIN" for the last time. The smile spread across my face. I walked past the 3 boys who all looked very annoyed.

When we got into the Slytherin common room we turned to the boy with the pale skin. Before we could say anything he gave us the money and said "I'm Draco Malfoy by the way". Then he turned around and walked up the stairs.

We looked at each other reached into our pockets took out a filibuster and sent them flying int the air.

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