The Bond of Friendship and Love

by Samantha

When the movies first came out I was seven years old and the movie Philosopher's Stone just caught my imagination, it was humorous and full of imagination.

Once I saw the movie I began to read the books and they where the first books I had read and enjoyed beyond any other - these included The tales of Beedle the bard, Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I love the idea of another world full of magic. Both the books and movies meant a lot to me for it showed me what true friendship is and that you need your friends there for you all the time. Without his friends Harry would never have survived.

My favourite characters where Harry, Ron and Hermione with their arguments, the Weasley twins Fred and George for their humour and how they used their intelligence to create the skiving snack boxes - especially a particular scene concerning a little lady in pink and a firework dragon!

Neville is also one of those characters whom I love, he is so loyal to Harry and the others and does whatever he can to help them. He sticks by his friends no matter what.

My favourite book was the Goblet of Fire with all the new wizards and witches along with the various new creatures that where introduced. I also enjoyed the ending of Order of the Phoenix with the Department of Mysteries.

Ron; "Department of Mysteries they got that right"

and Deathly Hallows, the movies are the same.

Since they were the first books I read it got me interested in reading other books about magic and to see if there were any similarities. Then I began reading about myths, legends and all sorts. I am now a bookworm.

Whenever I am feeling down or ill I always put on the Harry Potter dvd's for I love the music and the action and I have cried a number of times through the movie Order of the Phoenix, Half-blood Prince and Deathly Hallows even though I new whose death was coming thanks to the books.

Dumbledore's theory is true, love is the most powerful thing in the world. It saved Harry as a baby and all through his years at Hogwarts and it saved him and all his friends in the end when he sacrifices himself for them.

Harry even saved his school enemy Draco from burning in the Room of Requirements, making Draco not yet a friend but not an enemy either. The bond of friendship and love is what saved Harry and everyone from Voldemort and it is important to love someone in life.

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