One with their feelings...

by Reggy

Well, to begin with I am not that old, I am only 17 but I feel like I grew up with the Harry Potter movies. There has been almost 11 years since the first movie. I was the same age as the characters of Harry Potter and I was feeling like a part of them.

I was imagining myself like another witch playing an important role in the whole story. Every year I was waiting for the next movie and I was thinking about what could possibly happen next!!

I really loved to do this and I kept doing it till the happy end. Strangely, I hadn’t been reading the books. The fact that I was a little child makes me think that I wasn’t really interested in books. But three to four years ago I suddenly found the 5th book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix under my sister´s bed inside a box. I thought that wasn’t too late to begin reading all the books and that’s how I became addicted, not only to the movies but to the books too, especially to the last one - The Deathly Hallows book.

That book was amazing and really touching. All these deaths, even if they are in a book, made me think that even if life takes away people we love there is always a reason for that. And they never really leave us; they are always next to us. I strongly believe that the most important thing that the movies of Harry Potter teach us is friendship. Yeah, I know that may sound common but it is so different at the same time. These three people, Harry, Hermione and Ron, have been together so many years and they had came through so many tough and strange situations and that makes me feel that if they can do that then everybody can.

Even if this is a story, it is a story that can actually show the right way, the bright side of everything. So, that is how Harry Potter helped me go through all these difficulties that I faced while I didn’t have faith in me and I was down. And when I felt that it was better for me to leave everything behind.

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Tinged with sadness
by: Trevor M.

Hey Reggy,

Thanks for the excellent post and contributing to our goal of keeping Harry Potter alive!

Your story reminds us all that, although we love the Harry Potter books and movies and enjoy the entertainment side of them, they can teach us some powerful life lessons.

Your post, if you read "between the lines" also highlights the feeling I'm getting from many of the stories people are writing on this site and that is: we all have difficult, even sad events and challenges in our lives but we really need to be strong to overcome them.

I know myself, even as an adult, I have very difficult days where you think it's better to just give up. But I must say, Harry Potter has even helped me in this regard. I think of some of the quotes and challenges in the book and realize the best thing we can do is...NEVER GIVE UP!!!

My favorite quote in the whole series is when Harry is talking to Sirius Black and saying where he thinks something might have gone wrong inside him and Sirius says...

"We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are."

It's a really powerful quote because it means, I think, that we are not at the mercy of outside forces and we can choose to become greater every day of our lives. If only the politicians of the world would watch Harry Potter and act on it! :))

Anyway, enough "rambling" from me. Once again, thanks for your excellent post and I hope you continue to enjoy Harry Potter for years to come!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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