Once Upon a Time... Pop!

by Kayla West

Well to begin, in school I hated reading! At least on my own. Until one day a friend of mine brought the first Harry Potter book to school to read to us at recess. I was instantly in love!

I asked my mom to buy me a book for the first time! She was so surprised with my request that she had to make sure. She said I had better read it or she'll never buy me a book again. No worries there. I read it over and over, we read it together first, and this is where my love of reading blossomed into a beautiful flower.

From there I became passionate about the characters I loved and read about, and always daydreamed of adventures they would go on, and what if I could be with them?! Oh what a wonderful adventure that would be.

I was then introduced to Lord of the Rings, which I rejected at first because my friends told me it was better than Harry Potter. Well nothing's better. But they were different. I've now read many different types of fantasy series and enjoyed my different authors and writing styles that I was now formulating a story of my own.

It seeded during my Grade 10 year when our English teacher asked us to come up with a plan for a short story and write it. Well of course my plot plan was much too complex but she wanted me to pursue it, and said I could write the first chapter. And so I did.

She loved it and read it to the class! I was thrilled! So I continued to write my story as the years have gone by. I developed my writing based on all my favourite authors, including, Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Paolini and Robert Jordan and many more. I just don't have the time now to read everything that I would like to.

One day though I will have a library, with Harry Potter in a glass case and a novel of my own on the book store shelves. Harry Potter has introduced me to a world of fun, adventure, magic and happiness and puzzles. I love it! Its changed my life!!!!

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