My second childhood

by Sheila
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

I started to read the books when my son was in grade six. They were the first books he actually WANTED to read. However, as the member of a fairly conservative church at the time I had also heard the bad press.

Well I read the first book and I was enthralled and went out and bought the 2nd one right away. By the time the 5th one came out we were lined up at midnight at Chapters.

JK has an incredible imagination and spins a fabulous story that is easy enough for a 10 - 12 yr old to read but can hold the interest of a 30 - 80 yr old.

I have read all the books 3 times and see all the movies at least twice except the last one but I will be buying the DVD when I am able to.

As a child I devoured Nancy Drew, as a young adult I devoured VC Andrews, but as an middle aged woman I devoured Harry Potter and came back for 2nd and 3rd helpings. They were the first books that I actually read more than once.

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