My owl from Professor Maurice

by Roz
(Sydney,NSW,Australia (but I wish I could say hogwarts!))

Firstly I have to say I wouldn't have known about Harry Potter unless Professor M read them to me, It was like a whole new world opened up!(Actually it did!)

Luckily for me my mum had a copy of the first book so I could get hooked on straight away and at some points I felt like she wrote HP for me, but I bet I'm not the only one who says that!

Besides becoming a big book worm, I started to understand how other people think and I could relate characters from the book to people I knew (I had a few Gilderoy Lockharts!) All in all it definitely made me more confident with speaking to others.

My favourite book is the fourth but sadly I found the movie a bit boring, it just wasn't as good as the book so I was pretty disappointed about that.

In the last movie my favourite bit was when Snape died not because I didn't like him and I wanted him to die but because it explained a lot about him and the way he acted towards Harry. It was the last piece of the puzzle. My favourite line was when Neville said "Yeah, you and whose army?"

I remember watching the first three movies and my parents making me wait ages to watch the last one's because they were rated M but eventually my parents gave in and I caught up to everyone else. I was so excited when mum said she'd rented the Goblet of Fire from the DVD shop!

Then that collectors set came out with the Sunday Telegraph and I had to make sure I had everything posters, post cards and of course the wands! I also got a Harry Potter show bag from the Easter show that was very handy to have.

Thanks Professor M for letting me share my story, Then again I wouldn't have one if it wasn't for you!

P.S. I know everyone calls you Mr. M but Professor M seemed more appropriate for the occasion!

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by: Roz

Thanks for all your positive comments guys!
I really enjoy friendly feedback... or constructive criticism either way as long as it's helpful i'm happy to hear it!

by: Taylah

Same, I would not have read them if it hadn't been for Professor Maurice.

Harry Potter IS just for YOU!
by: Professor Maurice

Hey Roz!

Thanks for saying that..."I wouldn't have known about Harry Potter unless Professor M read them to me" but I think you would've heard about them sooner or later! :))

I also think you're justified in thinking that JK Rowling DID actually write them for you because I'm sure that's how she would want everyone to feel about Harry Potter.

You're right about Neville too. It's great to see him get some good lines and you feel proud of him that he's able to stand up to the bullies and is always right there for his friends. I thought it was really cool when he took Nagini's head off!

Anyway, thanks for making such a great post Roz and I hope all your friends see it and comment on it positively! :))

Kind regards,
Professor M.

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