My Harry-Me Life

by Kesja Dabrowska
(Stockport, England)

Hermione Granger by me

Hermione Granger by me

I have started my journey with Harry Potter when I was about seven years old, just in 2001 when in my country the first film of Harry Potter has came out.

When I had first watched it I was actually really amazed. I had really loved the first part of the saga.

From that day I have been asking my parents every day about some money, so I could buy the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

And then just on Christmas Eve my dream have come true, my godmother has bought me this book. I have been so excited and happy that I read it in week. After this event I have been waiting with great curiosity for the next books and films.

My brother and sister and even my parents have been joining me in reading Harry's adventures in Hogwarts.

It has been a great opportunity to let my imagination flow. From 2001 I have read all the books more than a thousand times, as well as my father has made me even more happier as when the time came for the fifth film he has given me all the games of Harry Potter and all the audio-books that has been out. I am listening to them even now, when I have actually started the college.

When in 2008 I have moved to England I have decided to go to London to visit King's Cross just to let myself feel a bit of the magic. But still my family's finances don't let me do this.

Moreover I wish to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. But well Harry Potter books and films have let me get over the bad days, my depression in high school when I have come to new school where no one wanted to talk with me. Harry Potter has been there when I need him and his story.

I wish there could be something that I could have done for him.

Even though I am nearly 17 I still believe in Harry Potter and in the magic that JK Rowling has created in her books. Now I could come a little closer to this world by producing art work from books and films of Harry Potter.

I wish there could be another book of the new generation of Harry Potter.

I hope it will happen some day. But for now I will keep reading all the books again and again till I remember every word. :)

Harry Potter gave me joy, tears and triumph.


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by: Anonymous

Yeah! Thank you Ciociu Asiu (godmother).
The games are really good. I loved the first one and the Chamber of Secrets. From the newest one the cooler is Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows part 2. They can get you really into it. I couldn't stop playing them for few hours, unless my parents have told me the hundred time that I need to go sleep hahahaha.
And thanks. That Hermione was really hard to do, because I was drawing it from a photo that I took from the Prisoner of Azkaban. I have also Snape.

Great Christmas Eve Dream!
by: Trevor M.

Hey Kesja,

Thank God for your god mother! Otherwise you might never have known the joys of the Harry Potter books and movies :))

Although, I expect you might have come to it sooner or later :) It's cool that your whole family have become involved in the Harry Potter series. You often find that when one family member becomes involved then others will follow into the larger "Harry Potter Family", as it were.

And Boy! You are a big fan listening to the audio books and the games. Are the games good fun? I might have to invest in some as I've not bought any yet.

Anyway, thanks for your great input and I hope you keep enjoying Harry Potter and his adventures for a long time to come.

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

P.S. Great artwork of Hermione!

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