just an 11 year old going to hogwarts.

by Nikki



It was hard for me and my sister to read, or watch Harry Potter. Why? Because of my mother.
still confused? Yeah, I can see that.

My mom believes that Harry Potter is 'not following God'etc. But I still believe in God, but I still like Harry. So if I were to be a fan, it would have to be in secret. Unless I want to walk around with a wand in my hand, and then my mom calling the police.

When I ever I feel the secret connection between Harry and me... I feel more into the books.


Because both Harry and I had to keep our wizarding world knowledge a secret from our parents (or in harry's case, his aunt and uncle) So I felt more connected to him.

Always knowing about the wizarding world in secret seemed cool. But then came the day when my mom found out I had a wand. In fact, she caught me waving it in my room! So I tried to explain how Harry is just a great story, and how it's about good VS evil, etc.

She sorta got it... but I think she still is a little sly on it. Harry helped me a lot when I had to move and I was lonely. I have so much to thank him.
1. My favorite characters is Luna and Fred and George

2. My fav. book was Deathly Hallows and Order of the Phoenix, & my fav. movie was Deathly Hallows Part 2.

3.Harry potter gave me the idea to read a whole lot more.

The story really did make me cry of tears of joy and sadness at the last book.

Everything ended. my childhood-poof gone like that. in a turn a of page, it was gone.

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Thanks for your entertaining story!
by: Trevor M.

Hey Nikki,

I felt a bit sorry for you when you mentioned your mom's response. I also get a little bit sad and annoyed when people confuse literature and drama with religious matters but I suppose everyone is entitled to their beliefs and we won't change their minds anytime soon :))

So, don't worry about it if you can and just focus on all the positive things it can give you in your life.

As long as you respect other people's beliefs they'll usually respect yours. I like to tell the children in my class about the "Golden Rule" i.e. "Treat other people how you yourself want to be treated" and things usually come out all right.

Sorry, I got off the track a little their :))

I think it was really cool that something like Harry Potter could help you when you were feeling so "lonely", as you mentioned.

Also, as I mentioned to another person who wrote their Harry Potter story recently on this site, don't ever think your childhood is over! Really, i think it's a state of mind. It's sort of like when Sirius says to Harry..."Those that love us never really leave us, they're always with us in here" (pointing to his heart).

Similarly, you can always find your childhood inside you you just have to look! And no one can take that away from you :))

Thanks again for your post.

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

P.S. Cool picture too!

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