Is it really just a story?

by Imogen
(Ramsgate, Kent, England)

I never was a fan of Harry Potter when I was little. It never really struck my mind of how many wonderful adventures I could have had if I was in the world of Harry Potter.

But then one day I decided to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, it was magical like none other I've read before. I carried on reading the other six books and by the end I was lost in the magic of Harry Potter.

I knew really that it was just a story like all the others but inside I knew it was something much more different, something that changed my life forever and was I really willing to let that all go?

No of course not although Harry Potter finished I still believe that there is a part in me that lives on and will always be there!

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You're right!
by: Trevor M.

Thanks for the post Imogen and i think you're right! Reading the books feels like there is actually a spell cast over you and that world is really real.

It must go to something deep in everyone's psyche that so many people feel this way. My guess is that it's a deep desire to control things in a world that offers so much potential yet so many things go wrong like war, poverty, cruelness and the like.

The best thing we can do I suppose is take some lessons from Harry Potter such as kindness, empathy, loyalty and try to embed them into our own behavior and lives.

Imagine if everyone could do that - then we'd really have a magical time!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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