I love Harry Potter

by Amelia Isabel

This is me dressing up as Hermione when I was about 10 years old for world book day at my school.

This is me dressing up as Hermione when I was about 10 years old for world book day at my school.

This is me dressing up as Hermione when I was about 10 years old for world book day at my school. This is picture I drew of Ron and Hermione from the third film

The Harry Potter books and films have been around me all me life and they meant so much to me. The first book was released when I was one year's old and the film was released when I was four. I remember watching part of it and feeling the thrill and wanting to watch the rest.

Since then I watched all the films when they came out and when I was ten I started reading the books. I did see a difference between book and film, but that made me more of a fan. Since the beginning my favourite character was Ron because he's funny and a bit of a wimp like me so that's probably why I always thought he was awesome, I still do only now I think he's gorgeous as well.

When I was little I used to dress up as Hermione and always crimped my hair, trying to be her and I had my heart set on getting a letter from Hogwarts one day.

I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter and I get the chills whenever I think about the fact that there won't be another book or film. I've read every book, watched every film multiple times and I often quote it by accident! I have watched so many parodies of Harry Potter I've lost count, but I just love everything to do with H.P. and why not, so do a lot of people.

Some of my friends say I'm over obsessed with Harry Potter and they're probably right, I even hosted a mini Harry Potter party; We had Tonks, Ginny, Hermione and Muggles, played Harry Potter music from a pre bought CD and played a Harry Potter game and watched the fourth and seventh films. I wanted to dress up as Ron, but I couldn't find a ginger wig or guy clothes so we settled for a girls night in!


When I was reading the final Harry Potter book, I hardly stopped crying, it was so sad. I actually jumped and screamed "NO!!!!!!" when Fred died and the book is now officially covered in mascara stains. I couldn't believe that J.K. had killed Fred and then I heard that it had been a choice between him and Arthur Weasley and I couldn't decide which would have been worse.

I also cried when Dobby died, he was so adorable and sweet and in the film he had little boories on and I was utterly choked up from the moment he appeared. I also almost flooded the cinema when Snape died, I had a friend who doesn't read so she still thought that Snape was a traitor and she asked me "Why are you crying?" and I told her that she'd find out soon enough and then she did cry. Poor Snape!


My favourite film in probably the "Prisoner of Askaban", I'm not sure why, but I know it is, but I still love every single one. My least favourite film was the "Order of the Phoenix" because it was so inaccurate, but I've grown to love it even though. My second favourite is a tie between the "Goblet of Fire" and the "Philosopher's Stone" because in the "Goblet of Fire" the boys look hilarious and it was a darkest one when it came out and the "Philosopher's Stone" because it was all new to THEM as well as US.

My favourite book is the "DEATHLY HALLOWS" because everything is concluded,


Ron and Hermione finally get together and I love how it ended in practically the same place it started


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