by casper14

When I was 9 I started reading Harry Potter and the philosophers stone. It was on the bookshelf in my class room and when we did silent reading it was the book I would always choose.

I had seen the first four potter movies but never read the books. I really got into the story and realized the books were great!

So I started on Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets and kept going. When I had finished I was a massive Harry Potter fan, I knew everything about them and I realized how rubbish the movies were, but I still loved to watch them because they were HP related.

I cried in the last movie, and Harry Potter will never die to me. I'll make my kids read it!

Hey Caspar14!

Thanks for your excellent Harry Potter story. I really hope you're right in terms of Harry Potter being around forever. I'm pretty sure we'll see it up there over the years with other books because both children and adults can get into them. There's literally something in there for everyone.

I can't agree with you about the movies "being rubbish" but that's the good thing about this site is that everyone can have their say - as long as it's reasonable discussion :))

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

P.S. Great idea, maybe we should ALL make our children read them and Harry Potter will be around for ever. Perhaps the government will make it compulsory! :))

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He Will Never Die
by: Anonymous

you are so right he will not die

Awesome story..
by: Anonymous

awesome..youre a casper too?

Harry WILL live on
by: Sinder

I won't let Harry Potter die. At first, I was going to have my books buried with me but then I decided to put in my will that it was required for all my ancestors to start the books at age 11 (obviously the age Harry was when he got his letter) to have my memory and the story live until mankind is destroyed.

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