Harry Potter Will Live On

by Sarah
(Appleton, WI, USA)

The first thing you should know about me is that when I like something a lot, I become obsessed with it. I'm a very "clingy" sort of person.

My dad introduced me to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when I was eight, and I fell in love with it, devouring the books as fast as I possibly could. I enjoyed the movies just as much, but for a while, that was it. It was just something to read or watch every few weeks to entertain myself.

Then, I graduated from 8th grade, and maybe it wasn't as big of a deal as I made it out to be, but I knew that I was losing a very close bond with my five best friends. Not to mention, my other best friend stabbed my in the back, so I went through a really tough time. I was depressed. There is no other word for it.

Then one night, I picked up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I started reading it again, and I found myself loving it even more. It was different this time because it felt like Harry, Ron and Hermione were there for me when I needed them most.

From then on, I became obsessed. Harry Potter was all I talked about. I dreamed of days spent with the characters and the actors. I created two Harry Potter pages on Facebook. I became a huge Ron and Hermione shipper, and wrote a ton of fan fiction, which you can find here:


and here:


I bought so many posters, I don't even have room for them, and I developed a huge crush on Rupert Grint. I also have two Hermione wands.
When Part 2 came out in theaters, I saw it six times. It was everything I could have hoped for, but it was a sad ending. I felt like a part of me had died. It was over; there wouldn't be any more books or movies.

That was when I began writing fan fiction. I was able to keep going to Hogwarts and spending time with the three of them.

Currently, I'm not as obsessed as I used to be. The Avengers has momentarily distracted me with its awesomeness. But I still cry at least five times during Part 2, and I still cheer when Ron and Hermione kiss. I still love the books and the movies. Harry Potter still gets me through hard times; he still inspires me; he still makes me laugh and cry and smile.

Harry Potter saved my life, and nothing will change that. Nothing else will be able to keep it out of sight.

Harry Potter will live on.

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