Harry Potter the Hero

by Anitra Schmid
(Missoula, MT, Us)

"I, Harry Potter, defeated the worlds biggest threat. So now everyone, witches and wizards or not, can be safe from now on", says Harry to the news reporters.

Show the years when the kids first started school and until the graduate. Harry Potter was my favorite movie series, I was sad when the last movie came, because I wouldnt get to see any more of Harry Potter.

Harry's kids are attending Hogwarts for witchcraft and wizardy. Some of the kids get in trouble a lot and before one of them graduate a big battle will happen. During the battle, Harry comes and trains his kids for if something happens like this again.

Show Harry, when he reunites with all hes friends from his childhood. Have one of his kids just like him be the main character. Let us know how the kid is that is just like Harry. I want to see the way the kids are in school. Have some of the stuff that happened to Harry, happen to the child like him. The Chamber of Secrets can open up but nothing comes out and it makes noises.

So the child goes inside to see what it was and finds an opened journal that's making the noises. He goes to see the journal and it says inside, I'll be here at this same place waiting for you (name). Come see me for a lesson.

But it didn't have a signature to see who wrote it. So he came back to find Draco Malfoy to try and kill him. Right as Malfoy is about to cast a stunning spell, Harry comes out of the shadow and cast one on him and tells his son to run, After he ran, the headmaster ask whats wrong, So he told him.

Headmaster went running to stop it. But by the time he got there Malfoy was dead.

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Great Idea!
by: Trevor M.

Hey Anitra,

Although I didn't mean for you to write what might happen next in the Harry Potter story but it's a cool idea!:))

I meant it to be your Harry Potter story of how it's affected your life but I'm going to leave this post up as you did a great job with it.

Perhaps I'll run a competition in the future on who can come up with the best idea for continuing the Harry Potter story and if we all agitate enough who knows, J.K. might just relent and write another one. That would be cool!

Thanks again,
Trevor M.

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