Harry Potter- The Beginning

by lenora
(Boulder Colorado U.S.)

When I first read the Harry Potter series, it spawned my love for more fiction books that are related to adventures or thereabouts.

It also has given me a true obsession for the books and will probably never go away, it will probably also never let me forget about the books every second of the day.

Finally, I will never stop wishing that Rowling write another book.

Hey Lenora,

Trevor M. here. Thanks for the post. I do understand your obsession and I think many others will too :))

I'm glad you brought that point up as I've found a fun Harry Potter Obsession website that people may want to have a look at...

#1 - Harry Potter Obsession

How obsessed are you? This quiz is hard. But, to quote Sir Cadogan "Be stout of heart, the worst is yet to come!" by the way, I've bewitched your keyboard with an anti-cheating charm, so don't consult the books. Email me what you get at hpataclick@gmail.com if you want...

Read more here...

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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