Harry Potter Saves My Depression!

When I was young I read the books and was blown away, they helped me escape the boring parts of childhood and allowed me to enter the world of Hogwarts.

I have Aspergers Syndrome and Tourettes Syndrome and the Films and Books took my mind of my curse and gave me a life I never knew I had. My mind was transported to the Wizarding World where I imagined myself in the situations the main characters were in. I felt Harry was me/ I was Harry and my best friends Were Ron and Hermonie, my enemies are Voldemort and the Death Eater.

Now I have left secondary school but in that school I had so many friends that joined me in a conversation about Potter and even saw the last two with my friend and I cried when it ended. I have the boxset and still can't stop crying even at the start of the franchise. I can't even stop crying while reading the books and I am going to the Making off next Saturday. I consider myself the number one fan of Harry Potter and would give anything to be able to have an experience of what being Harry is like.

Harry was and always will be my childhood and I am gutted it had to end.

As J.K Rowling said "Hogwarts will always be that to welcome you home" and I feel like Hogwarts will be in my heart for ever and ever.


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Harry was there for me too
by: Anonymous

Glad to hear Harry Potter and his crew helped you through a difficult childhood.

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