Harry Potter is My Life

by Travis
(Sydney, NSW, Australia )


What does Harry Potter mean to me?

Well I read the 1st Harry potter book (Philosopher's Stone)when I was about 5yrs old, I am now 16.

I never use to be the kind of kid that actually enjoys reading & I still don't unless it is of course a Harry potter novel. The 1st book was truly AMAZING, it was certainly an experience.

From the moment I first read Harry Potter was the moment that my life started. Harry Potter to many people is a HUGE part of their life, but to me it is my LIFE or at least my Childhood.

Once I had finished the 1st book it wasn't very long after that the movie had been released in cinemas. I can remember sitting there with my eyes glued to the screen. Every time the date had been released for either the next book or movie I started counting down the days.

Harry potter has been a truly AMAZING adventure. I have LOVED every moment that I have spent watching, reading or even playing the video games of Harry potter. I live in Australia & went over to Orlando, Florida in 2011 just to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I have about $700 dollars worth of collectibles, meaning, wands, T-shirts, Necklaces etc with plans to get a HELL of alot more. Throughout my life at Primary/Elementary school & even in high school I get teased about my OBSESSION with Harry Potter & get told to get over Harry Potter but giving up Harry Potter is like throwing away a Million dollars!

That is how much it means to me. Harry Potter has taught me: Courage, Love, Bravery, Friendship, Loyalty, Family & so on. To me Harry Potter is like a need.

We can't live with out oxygen & I can't live without Harry Potter, at least not yet. H.P. is like my special dose of Marijuana. It is a drug to me. I can never get enough of Harry Potter. I have watched the movies so many times that I say the words before they are even said in the movies.

I could probably read the book backwards & upside down & still say every word. I can hum every song from each OST, I know so much about Harry Potter that if I knew my school work as well as I did Harry Potter I would get A+ in everything.

I can relate to each character throughout the series in so many ways. Each movie/book is a different magical experience. I can't explain how much Harry Potter means to me in words because I don't think there are any words that I know of to use.

Thank You

Mischief Managed...... Harry Potter 4Ever

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by: Trevor M.

Hey Travis,

Wow! That was some post! You really are a serious Potter fan. I'm a little jealous of your "collection", although I'm starting to get my own little collection going too.

It was great that you went to Orlando as well. Was it all you'd hoped it would be? It seems really cool even to an "old child" like me :))

Anyway, thanks for your great post and keep the Potter legend going!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

P.S. Try to ignore the bullies. "Pearls before swine", if you know what I mean. Save your interest for people you can share it with and forget the rest :))

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