Haley Potter XD

by Chass
(United States)

When I was at least 3 years old I imagined Harry Potter as my brother and I was his sister Haley. It was so crazy I saved a spot for him at the dinner table!

I was young and creative! I loved to watch them and pretend Draco Malfoy was my enemy too! My friends Danica, Roni, Henry and I all played Harry Potter and we chose the characters. I was Harry, Roni was Ron, Henry was Hermione and Danica was Draco!

I loved to play as the brave one XD. As I grew older I started to lose interest in playing the game anymore, but I still loved watching the movies! As I grew up I started reading the series and I started writing books myself and Harry potter even now is my inspiration!

I love to write books and I love to read! Reading is my passion, especially the big Harry Potter books! It changed my life cause to me. I think Harry Potter is what made me an honors student. I think he gave me creativity! I think that Voldemort helped me along the way too!

The suspense, the action! I would be in pain and reading my Harry Potter book would make it all better! Harry Potter is my life! It's the one thing that, even if the movies are over, I will still continue on new stories of Harry Potter in my head and hey, maybe, JK Rowling might start a book about his sons, I don't know?

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It was your life - literally!
by: Trevor M.

Hey Haley,

I can't imagine having Harry around since the age of three. That means he's literally been around your whole life - amazing!

No doubt it's had an effect on your creativity, as you say. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if there were no Harry Potter? Too scary to think about it - even for me :))

Thanks for your lovely post!

Kind regards,
Trevor M.

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