Exceptionally Ordinary

by Luna Cassandra
(Antipolo City, Philippines)

my friend made this one for me

my friend made this one for me

I was around 10 or 11 when my Harry Potter obsession started. I was in 5th grade and out of curiosity, I bought the first Harry Potter book. And it captured me. I started wishing that Hogwarts was real.

I started waiting for my letter. I played with my pens and pretended they were wands. I would chant "sunshine Daisies butter mellow" all the time. And then the first movie came out, and this is a confession...We were supposed to be working on a project then, but I bailed just to catch the movie with my family. And then I grew up, but I didn't outgrow my love for the series.

I'd watch the movies from time to time, re-read the books...Pretend I was Luna. I even made a Luna Lovegood RP account once, and most of my friends call me Luna now. haha
And then the final movie came.

And yes, I experienced Post Potter Depression. You know, whenever I hear the word "always", Lily and Snape come to mind.

Whenever it's Christmas, I think of Mistletoes...and nargles.

Harry Potter is so much a part of me that I don't know if I'd be me without it.

There's also this group on Facebook called Hogwarts Philippines...I found some of the coolest people in there. We'd share Potter stories from time to time, and some of us have grown closer--even out of the Potter fandom. Potterheads always make me feel less alone.

I think even when I grow more older and maybe have kids or my own family, my love for the series won't end. Without it, I won't be exceptinally ordinary (wink wink) :)


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