Brought up with magic

by Gemma Spalding

As soon as the first 'Harry Potter' film came out, I went to see it at the cinema with my family. We loved every bit of it, especially me and my mum! We bought the film and watched it very often, from then on, every 'Harry Potter' film that came out, was watched at the cinema and bought by me.

I loved the 'Harry Potter' films so much that I always used to say I would be in one of the films when I was older (as somebody like 'Luna Lovegood's' sister as we looked a bit alike). Sadly now, the films have come to an end, this means my dream from when I was younger will not come true.

The 'Harry Potter' films mean a lot to me as I know them very well, the films are about, what I call, the ideal world (apart from the deaths and other bad things). I think they mean so much to me as I was brought up knowing them, enjoying them and wanting to be in them.

Once before, my Grandma and Grandad took me and my brother out for the day, as we were walking, I noticed a building in the middle of a field, I immediately stopped, stared and shouted 'It's the building that Harry Potter was filmed in!' I was so happy and proud that I had seen it and been so close! That's one thing I'll never forget.

I love the 'Harry Potter' films a lot, I watched them when I was little and have all the books and some collectable items!

'It was like I was brought up with magic!'

From Gemma Spalding, 13

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