Behind The Hufflepuff

by Thomas
(Racine, WI, USA)

The Murders Mr. and Mrs. Julier, of Newston Boulevard were proud to say that they were pure blood, thank you very much. They were the first people you would expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious.

Mr. Wayne Julier was the owner of a small shop called Potions and Enchantments. He invented the most successful candy in the wizarding world, Chocolate Frogs. He was a thin, but strong man, with a nice complexion. Mrs. Jane Julier was too very brittle, with a large collar bone that sticks out more than anyone else's would. The Julier's had a newborn son named Bois, and in there mind there was no cuter baby anywhere in the world.

The Julier's didn't have many items, but could afford it if they wanted it. They lived in a small town in the wizarding world. It was called Oak Alley. It was far away from many things. It was always snowing there, but alas, a town on a mountain peak would have snow presumably.

The town was for elders, and had only few kids. There were three stores in that town only, Dropdown Elves, Alvern Soupery, and Alice Hogsnort. Dropdown Elves was a house elf store, for older Elves. Alvern Soupery was the only market place within miles of the town, and Alice Hogsnort was nothing more than material things store. All in all the Julier's lived here, because it was safe, and a calm town. Until The Murders developed.

Deep under the village was a small cavern, known only to a few it was a secret hut for meetings. Every Thursday night, broomsticks and black smoke would fly around the town, and then into the cavern. Nobody ever noticed any of it, because the wizard world was supposedly at peace. But one fall night when the Julier's were driving home from the hospital, to deliver there newborn boy home, they saw it.

One stream of smoke surrounded the car. The baby was crying, and Mrs. Julier was as well. Spells were being cast from the smoke to the car, breaking windows, and harming the Juliers. Finally Mr. Julier, took his wand and cast a powerful charm towards the smoke, which then vaporized.

That night the Julier's took many precautions. They sheltered themselves from the world by boarding there windows and doors shut. They would only leave the house to buy rations of food and water. Whenever Bois would cry the parents would take him to the basement so that nobody could hear him. The papers would pile up on the doorstep. The mailbox wouldn’t shut because of how full it had gotten, and the house grew old and tired. The yard turned barren, the house itself was falling apart. The neighbors had thought that they had left the village, but they were still there. Quietly escaping there lives.

The next Sunday morning Mr. Julier would step outside quickly to get the mail and papers, and return to the house. The headlines were gruesome.


Thursday night marked a terrible tragedy that will be remembered always. Twelve unfortunate souls were found dead in Oak Alley last night. The murderer was no more than Voldemort and his regretful crew of Death Eaters.

One man found dead at Pillowing Park was eighty year old Alvern Schanka, owner of Alvern Soupery. But when checked he had the dark mark etched into his flesh.

The second one found dead that very night was young Flipe Jorg. A young graduate of Hogwarts, killed by an enchantment of dark magic as well.

Third wizard found dead was the elusive Jonna Parkers. Parkers was found in a small alleyway between The Witch Condo's and Boiling Burt's Home.

Fourth dead was the witch Yanke Kola. She was cooking at home when she was murdered. After the kill, the stove set the home on fire and burned her body with it. The corpse was discovered under the ashes, and debris of the home.

Fifth, sixth, and seventh dead were the Julier family. Driving home from the hospital to deliver their newborn baby home for the first time ever when their car was attacked by three death eaters. The bodies were never found and were apparently taken by the attackers.

Mr and Mrs Julier turned panick sticken to their son, who was asleep in his crib. “We need to move,” said Mrs. Julier. “The town has been taken over by death eaters within the past week, and our son is in danger here. Wayne, this town is too dangerous.”

“But Jane, we can't just leave. They think were dead!” said Mr. Julier. “And the whole world probably thinks we're dead too. Leaving would be too shocking. If they learned that were alive, it would give the Ministry a perfect chance to tell everyone that the attacks were just a fluke. The world must believe that we're dead.”

But when the Juliers had finished reading the weekly news they had to read their mail as well. The mail was stacked as tall as three small books. And almost all of the mail came from the same address.

Mr. and Mrs. Julier,

It has come to inform us that you are in grave danger. And from who you may ask? (or already know), but yes it is from us. My name is Bellatrix Lestrange and it has come to my attention that your family is as pure as the wizard blood can get. My Lord has told me to send your family invitation letters to join us, the death eaters. Say yes and you will enjoy a world of your own, were mudbloods and muggles would cease to exist.

Of course saying no would lead you to a world of death, or slavery. But there is a third option. Give us your boy, and we will raise him. We will take him under our wing. We will allow you to survive and live. You have three days to ponder the question. We are watching you Juliers. And we will be coming soon, let's hope you will have made up your mind by then. You have until 3:00.

Sincerely your loving friend,
Bellatrix Lestrange. (For more of this story visit

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by: Trevor M.

Hey Thomas,

Thanks for the post. You did a great job although I did mean this page to be about how Harry Potter affected YOU as you were growing up. No matter because I'm thinking of making another page all about how you think the Harry Potter story will go if JK Rowling decides to write another.

Kind regards,
Trevor M.
Owner & Webmaster of TheEldestWand

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