A Scary Start!

by Natasha
(Sydney, Australia)

Deathly Hallows 2

Deathly Hallows 2

The first Harry Potter movie, The Philosopher's stone has to be my favourite out of the whole series as it was the start of my childhood memories.

I remember watching the first video on an old VHS video machine with my cousin's when we stayed over at my grandparent's house one school holidays. Although they thought it was going to be a magical fairytale filled with jolly fairies but for us it couldn't have been further from the truth!

For a long time afterward I spent each night being kept awake fearing a huge troll or some sort of creature would suddenly appear in my bedroom or bathroom and so my grandparent's had to put a stop to the Harry Potter movies for a while! It wasn’t helped by my God-Father scaring us every chance he got and thinking it was funny.

Later on, my cousin's got hold of the books and that's when my sister and I were hooked. I suppose like millions of children all over the world we just wanted to know all the ins-and-outs of the stories and were fascinated with the world that J.K. Rowling had created. It certainly made us curious to know more and you were really interested in what the characters were doing and how everything would turn out for them.

As we've grown up the movies have also grown up with us. Each year the characters and plots have got more detailed and mature and I think that's why the Harry Potter series was able to keep us interested. If they'd stayed like the first one I think it would still appeal to little kids but maybe not to older kids - except my God-Father!

If you compare the special effects from the latest movies with the first one they are definitely much better. When I watched the Philosopher's Stone recently I noticed that the troll wasn't as scary as I had remembered. That's probably because I'mm older too but you can see the troll isn't as real looking as the battle scene in the last movie and monsters like Nagini. I'm still scared of Fluffy though – he WAS scary!

There's nothing I don't really hate about Harry Potter movies except I used to really hate Hermione because she annoyed me so much. I have grown to really like her character now but it took me a while to do it.

When you look back you see that her character had to be like that so the main characters could form those relationships and bonds and we could be interested by it. I mean, if there was no tension and they were all good friends from the start it would be a little boring.

I can see that now going through high school where we all have friendships like that. There have been a few people that I've hated in the past (don't ask me who!) but now I can see their good side and maybe why they were acting that way in the past.

One of the things I really love in the Potter movies is how Ron is always childish but lovable. You know deep down he is such a loyal and nice person. I really laughed in the Deathly Hallows when he'd taken the polyjuice potion and went into the ministry as Reginald Cattermole and said to Harry (as Albert Runcorn)... “Oh my God, they've got my wife!” Harry says... "You haven’t got a wife." Ron says... "Oh yeah."

It was a really funny moment but you realize what type of person Ron is because he comes from a big family where they really care about each other and he just naturally cares for his friends – and wife!

When I still think back over the last ten years I get a little sentimental. I feel like I have grown up with all the characters and when I think of the movies it makes me remember all the things I did as a kid with my cousins Ellen and Thomas and all the good times we had. It also makes me think of my grandma and although I miss her so much I still remember all the good times we had at her place being scared of the "Jolly Fairies" in the Harry Potter movies.

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I used to be easily scared!
by: Sinder

Aw! Touching! That's the exact reason that I was too afraid to read to even breathe on an HP book until I was 11. Just watching the "scary" trailer on TV in 2000 (or even earlier? Now I feel old and I'm only 14) freaked me out of my pants. Seeing

Fluffy was enough to make me shriek and pretend to stay in the bathroom for a half hour while my parents were watching the TV. But when I was finally convinced to read it, I was amazed and angry at myself for not letting myself enjoy it for longer.

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